Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Seven of Swords - Be Brave

The Seven of Swords tells us to be brave, and to be careful to overcome difficulties and to apply our mental energy.

When we are in a position of trying to reach a desired goal, and challenges arise, we need to be patient, have our wits about us, and need to be cautious as we proceed. Often this means there are compromises to be made, but we can use humour,  diplomacy, and tact in order to a reach a successful outcome. We need a new plan.

I remember this radio show called, The Dead Dog Cafe on CBC. It was produced by the writer and actor Tom King. The show was pretty funny and the actors were all First Nations. At the end of the show they would always give this message.  " Stay Calm, Be Brave, Wait For The Signs. "   It always stuck with me because I think there is wisdom found in this statement.

When we are faced with some kind of immediate crisis, the reaction is usually one of panic. If we panic, we can't think clearly, we can't hear that inner voice,. Breathing deeply from you diaphragm  helps a lot to calm ourselves, because we need most of our oxygen for our brain function.

Being brave of course means we need to have courage, but this does not mean the absence of fear, but we are in control of ourselves, the fear is not controlling our behaviour. Panic is never a positive reaction, and can even kill people, in some circumstances. So it is essential that we learn how to remain calm.

What are the signs we wait for? We will act with wisdom and honesty, unimpaired by fear, because we trust our gut, and our intuition. Nature too gives us signs, as do our our dreams, and it always helps to talk to someone we trust implicitly.


Ellen said...

I like it how you've put a positive spin to this card. Mostly it is read as stealing and dishonesty. But being brave for difficult times ahead and keeping out wits about it, that's a whole different story.

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen for your comments.
True it can be read as a card of treachery. I'd much rather see the positive aspects. The Mythic Tarot deck sees it as being about guile, diplomacy and tact, instead of aggressive manipulation, and bullying tactics to get what you want.
Unfortunately, there still can be dishonesty involved for sure, and sometimes life requires that, as long as we can live with it, deal with the consequences or the fall out. I learned at an early age it wasn't always to my advantage to tell the truth sometimes, because trouble was around the corner. That doesn't work so well as an adult, honesty is the best policy, unless it hurts another.

Unknown said...

Yes or an error of omission. Not what you say, just what you don't say. :)