Saturday, July 12, 2014

Temperance - Finding Our Center

Before my recovery in the 12 step program temperance was not something I knew how to practice, no matter how I tried, I was always going to extremes. I lived with an all or nothing attitude and behaviour.

Here we meet the beautiful angel Iris in the Major Arcana card of Temperance, linked to the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Temperance represents the mixing of elements within ourselves and our relationships.

The card indicates good health in a holistic and balanced manner, that promotes moderation, and control in the way we live life. Living our lives in harmony and cooperation improves our relationship with ourselves and with others.

Though Justice and Temperance appear as opposites, they are also complimentary. Iris is kind, loving and merciful. Athene (Justice) is reflective, rational, and in her judgement she fights for principles, over passion, holding her instincts in control, being fair and objective. Her thought is not based on her personal feelings, but an impartial, objective assessment.

Justice and Temperance can be seen as enemies that exist within us, and how they are manifested in the way we approach life. Perhaps we allow our heart to dominate, or we are ruled always by reason and intellect, when what we need, is to find our center, a balanced heart and approach; integrating abstract truth, with the heart.

Kabbalah Tree of Life - Pastel, Coloured Pencil - 2010 - Catherine Meyers


Ellen said...

This is a beautiful depiction of Temperance. What stands out to me is how she is, dressed in white and with black hair, standing between her rainbow colors and mixing them up like an artist is preparing his palette. not too much or too little of one color but just the right amount.
I like your drawing very much. I love how you've put some color in it and left some parts black and white. Beautifully done

Unknown said...

Awww thank you so much Ellen you've made my day! I learn so much doing this blog and today I realize what a significant card this is to me in my life. Sometimes it is so easy to feel like life has spun out of control in one way or another.
But it is at these times I really do have to remind myself to strive to find my center, to prevent this from happening. The past while has certainly been this way for me and today I have finally felt like I have taken action to feel like I've gained a little bit more balance and control. Thanks so much for reading and for your comments always!

Ellen said...

My dear Catherine this goes both ways. I like how your post are always thought provoking. Yes in times of challenge we are more inclined to look for our enter.So these are the times, however difficult it may be, we grow the most.

Unknown said...

You said it sista! Thanks Ellen so much for your kindness and encouragement.