Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ace of Wands - Creative Vision & Imagination

Well this it the card for me today. Here he is, Zeus, the King of the Gods, with the Golden Fleece over his shoulder, and his great big wand! Wands are the suit of action and energy, signifying growth. He embodies the symbol of creative vision, and the power of the imagination within us, which sometimes, we just can't quite seem to grasp. I have learned that I must trust that creative power, and take risks with new ideas, and embark upon the great journey into the world of creative vision and imagination.

Only one problem, motivation is a factor when it comes to " gettin' at it and to it ". That's me today. Letting other issues get in the way, and just plain procrastination. All creatives struggle with this periodically.
The more you talk about it the less you do, this is what can happen. Zeus he may be the King of Wands, embodying creative vision and imagination but sometimes I feel like the Queen of procrastination embodying coffee, sloth and loathing!

I have a whole new project start. So I'd better shut up and get to it, and at it, " so the day does not go down in debt. " as Leonard Cohen said.


Ellen said...

My dear Catherine I can so relate to this post!!!
Sometimes I despise myself when a day has gone by without doing anything worthwhile. I too fall in the coffee trap which is only getting me agitated instead of motivated:)
If you have the time don't fight it but embrace it. Sit and do nothing and feel what it is you are afraid of. Because for me procrastination is often a sign of fear
Hugs and be well

Unknown said...

Thank you for the helpful, delightful and encouraging comment Ellen. Yes you are very right, it is fear, financial insecurity, and it gets me down, and wears me down, and so I get stuck. I'll get unstuck again soon I know. I am very grateful I can always write it helps a great deal to have this regular habit every day, writing long hand in my journal and blogging.
Thank you Ellen so much <3

Ellen said...

Writing is for me too the one thing which never stops. Somehow my inner critic doesn't consider it to be art :D

Unknown said...

Me too Ellen,
Writing and reading are both a big part of the foundation of my visual art. I guess we have so many preconceived ideas about what art, perhaps because of art history, society and our upbringing, that much of the time are erroneous. I tell my inner critic to piss off!