Friday, July 18, 2014

Eight of Swords - Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The Eight of Swords has come up more than once for me lately, and I'm she it will again and again. I has become a good nemesis of sorts. Regardless, it is always good reality check, in that it represents for me finding yourself between a rock and a hard place, and having to face things head on, if you want to overcome difficulty and obstacles.

Patience and prudence is required, which sounds easier said, than done. These are skills acquired and practiced. If I am not shown this skill, given a chance to try it, and then practice it as a young person, unfortunately we often are years, learning how to face things head on, which can lead to us using other coping mechanisms, such as denial, that can manifest itself in many unhealthy ways.

 Truth is, sometimes the reality of life sucks, and we all experience times of wanting to throw in the towel, we want to give up, and think perhaps it would be easier to just run away and hide.
Desperate measures can even lead many to a jumping off point, where they feel afraid to live, and afraid to die. This is a very dark place to be, feeling overwhelmed, confused, and consumed with fear.

Honesty with ourselves, having an open heart, and mind, along with a willingness to reach out, and to do whatever it takes to improve our situation in a positive healthy way, are the tools at our disposal.
 I always think of it as a willingness to be willing, that has made all the all the difference for me.
And if you don't feel strong enough, in that you are lacking trust, faith and courage, borrow someone else's until you can find your own.


Ellen said...

Again something we have in common: Eight of Swords, my all time nemesis. But a fitting stalker for me :)
What a lovely picture of "Between a Rock and a Hard Place"
It reminds me of "Courage" from Osho Zen Tarot. This little flower so brave to grow and live in such difficult circumstances. But look at his colors. The blue and purple leaves symbolizes his inner wisdom and willingness
Great post my friend!!!

Unknown said...

Aha! Too funny. Can't say it's a great thing we have a common nenesis, but great to know we aren't alone and we share our stalker! I so love pansies and this one is truly a special one! Yes I remember that picture form the Osho Zen Tarot.
Thank you Ellen <3