Saturday, July 26, 2014

Five of Cups - The Cloud Of Unknowing

I believe the old adage about there being a silver lining behind every dark cloud. This is often very difficult to comprehend when you are in the middle of the dark cloud. When I think of this dark cloud, I reflect on a book I once read, The Cloud of Unknowing.

 In the Five of Cups we see Psyche ( Soul ) pursuing Eros ( Love ), whom she has betrayed and she is full of regret. All the cups have been spilled, and upset, but the fifth cup. Cups symbolizing the emotion, this card can represent a past relationship, and the regret we have about it, but we must accept that it was necessary, and we have much to learn from this experience, although painful.

 Reality levels the playing field, and in order to deepen our relationships, we must let go of our preconceived notions, and unrealistic expectations, and can not remain in a fantasy, or continue to believe and perpetuate an image, as this is an illusion that does not exist.

What remains is the last cup, and we have something left to work with, now based on realistic expectation,  trusting our heart and intuition. It does not mean that this is the end, or the final outcome. If we decide to commit to the work required to improve our situation, and circumstance, there is still a lot that can be salvaged, and something that can be greatly improved upon, and this will deepen the relationship. It is in letting go that we come to know the truth.

Cloud of Unknowing -

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