Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nine of Swords - Worry & Action

Well, this card is in keeping with the card I drew yesterday dark about clouds and silver linings.
The Nine of Swords, it is what I would call the worry card, and is very much the card full of deep psychological meaning.

We are losing sleep for worry, anxiety, fear, corrosive guilt, foreboding about the future, and what ever negative adjectives you want to throw in the pot.

This frame of mind robs of us energy and strength in every aspect, mind, body and soul. We can't enjoy the present, because we are projecting into the future, and worrying about the past. It reflects a lack of trust and faith and our inability to let go of what we can't control.

We can't control what has happened in the past, and it may be hanging over our heads. We can  make amends, if we have hurt someone else, including ourselves.

Action is the antidote to worry. Whether it be through prayer, meditation, a vacation, ending a relationship or changing geographical location to make a fresh start. However, can you run away for things in your head? Ultimately we can't take a geographical cure, because where ever we go we bring ourselves along, and still have to face our problems.

What is important is that we remain steadfast.


Ellen said...

Letting go is the hardest thing to do. Meditation is sometimes almost impossible when the voices of guilt etc are screaming for attention. The only thing one can do is sit with (accept) them and wait for the storm to pass.

Unknown said...

Hey Ellen, it's so nice to hear from you again! I hope you had a good visit with your mum and family!

I agree letting go is an ongoing thing. You just learn to let one thing go, then another thing rears it's head and you have to work at letting that go. It's an ongoing practice.

Certainly has gotten easier for me over the years, but you know old habits die hard, as they say. I had a lesson this morning when the power went out, I thought I'd blown a fuse. as it never entered my mind the power would go out on such a lovely day. But oh no it did, but didn't register in my muddled mind before going downstairs into the dark basement and I then mixed up the fuses. Shortly after I didn't know what went were. I stuck the fuses back in the best I could figure.
Finally the power came back on in a short while,after I had calmed down from my power outage hissy fit panic attack. Just didn't need that right now added to other stresses.

I have to always make a conscious effort, to not just look at my cup as being half full, but overflowing. Because when I really think about it, it is!
I know there is a calm to be found in the eye of the storm, if I can just pry open my eyeball long enough to see it!
Love you Ellen <3

Ellen said...

Well to be honest I am glad I am home again. It was rather a troublesome visit.
"not just look at my cup as being half full, but overflowing".
This is difficult for me too :)

Ellen said...

Thanks Catherine! <3

Unknown said...

Hey ((((Ellen)))) After losing both my mum and dad and my only brother, I see life very differently. I greatly empathize with "troublesome". Sending you prayers. <3

You are most welcome <3