Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Star - Hope

This being my 100th post on this blog I think it is fitting that I drew The Star, which is, I think one of the most hopeful cards of the Major Arcana. It is the card of hope and promise, but can also warn against false hope, which can set us up for great disappointment, disillusion and despair.

Here Pandora is akin to Eve, before the Fall, full of love, light, and all things innocent, and beautiful.
She is the epitome of the feminine, the intuitive, feeling, imaginative and the instinctive side of our nature.

In spite of, and even because of our difficulties, and burden, we move above and beyond, mere survival. We grow, and thrive beyond our unhappiness of the past, and we now have an even stronger will to live. We have accepted our burdens and struggles, have grown and  are becoming stronger individuals.

 I once heard it said by a holy man, and I paraphrase; The cross is heavy for those that drag it, but light for those that embrace it.
What the world needs now is hope, and we would do well to impart hope to others. We are living in trouble times indeed, some may even say the end times. Regardless, we all need to have hope, meaning and faith, otherwise things would be completely hopeless.

 I always fondly remember, what I saw on the small button, a young punk rocker was wearing in Tim Horton's, many years ago which said " Hope For The Hopeless. " It might sound funny, but it is true I think and almost beyond hopeful.

The other day I saw a video of a homeless man. It is I think a commentary on hope, from one who may to some seem hopeless. Post by R̲o̲y J̲a̲n̲s̲e̲n̲.


Ellen said...

What a great video!!!
I love the quote about the cross: it is a great metaphor for my life. I used to fight my situation and now I am more at peace with it, accept it. Life can be good even in sad circumstances
Congrats on your 100th post my friend. May there be many more to come ! :D

Unknown said...

Good morning Ellen, your comment was an affirmation to me, as it is the same metaphor for me as well. Thank you.
Yes acceptance one of the hardest thing to accept! But the most important lesson I have to continue to learn. Certainly got easier with age.
Can't believe I already have100 posts. They add up when you are consistent. Took me 6 years to reach 500 on my art blog! Thank you Ellen!