Friday, July 25, 2014

The Empress - Bountiful & Beautiful

Seems lately I have a number of female friends, myself included, who are thinking about their mothers. Perhaps being mid Summer when things are in bloom and growing our thoughts are drawn to the Empress the Mother of All who represents abundance and luxury.
The Empress is ruled by Venus the Roman goddess of love.

We learn how to become women from our mothers, who nurture, protect and love us always, unconditionally, even from beyond the grave.  She connects us with the feeling of safety and trust in life. Our mothers live deep within the small of our heart of hearts.

The Empress provides creativity, imagination, and fertile growth.
 I do not see the Empress as perfection, but as a real woman, who is of the earth. She knows the suffering, and the joy, and she is perfect in her imperfection . She encourages us to celebrate who we are, as we are, as real women.

We may not be mothers biologically, but we can still provide those mothering qualities toward others, and toward ourselves. Without the inner experience of the Great Mother within , we can not bring any thing into fruition. We need to understand how to be patient, and gentle with ourselves and others.

Walker Evans - Photograph

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