Monday, July 7, 2014

Nine of Pentacles - Self-Value

I attended what is affectionately called, by a group of old childhood women friends, WW or Women's Weekend, on the July 4th, 5th, and 6th. These weekends are always memorable, for many reasons. It's a wonderful thing to come together, as a group of women, to celebrate enduring  friendships and bonds.

 These weekends we have continued for many years now, and always reinforce our friendship, and our lives.  It is a time to affirm our appreciation of ourselves and for each other as friends, and as women. These gatherings fulfill the basic need for belonging, power, freedom and fun, with much emphasis on fun!.
We value our similarities and our differences. We accept, respect, and value one another's identity. It's a great feeling and realization to be with women who have reached the point in life, where we all have come through many trials and tribulations, come out the other side, achieved many of our dreams in spite of difficulties, and been able to overcome and strengthen our individual identities.

One of my friends asked if I would do a reading for her, which a happily agreed to, and it was a very affirming reading. The cards and how they reveal themselves, always amaze and fascinate me, with every reading I do.

What I love and appreciate most about the Nine of Pentacles, like no other card, it embodies a satisfaction that comes from finding a great sense of self-value and worth, regardless if material possessions and wealth are gone, as this is not what really defines a person. This satisfaction has a permanence and indestructibility, because it comes from deep within ourselves, and it is independent of anything, or any one outside of the self. Having a strong sense of identity, self-sufficiency, confidence and belief in one's abilities, all contribute to our happiness and success.

It really is essential to be good friends, if not best friends with yourself, and although we all have people that have contributed to our sense of self-value and worth, we can feel good about what we have achieved, and overcome. Be grateful, celebrate and share your talent, wisdom, knowledge and the understanding that you have gained.


Ellen said...

Wonderful post Catherine, which i can only agree on. Self worth/ love/confidence is of the utmost importance to live a truly happy life. The Nine of Pentacles is one of my favorite cards. Even more so if it depicts a woman (LOL)
I am so happy for you, you have such a loyal loving group of friends!

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen,
I'd have been lost without the fellowship and individual friendships of my woman friends.
Big hug to you!