Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Apple River Tarot Readings

                         Apple River Tarot Readings

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The way Tarot ' works ' in a predictive sense is as a kind of mirror of the psyche. The archetypal nature of the images strikes hidden, unconscious chords in the card reader, and reflects unknown knowledge or insight in relation to the client's situation-thus apparently revealing things which could not possibly, in any rational way, be discoverable. This is why ' clairvoyant ' or psychic ' powers are not a prerequisite for a sensitive reader, but rather, an awareness of the archetypal patterns or currents at work in life reflected by the images on the cards."
Tarot can reveal where you are presently, how you got there and where to best focus your energy, and we will explore opportunities for clearing obstacles and meeting challenges on your path by focusing on and activating your natural abilities and capacities.

Thinking about a Tarot Card Party? Looking for an personal individual reading? Face to face and online readings available via email.

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Catherine Meyers
Phone: 207-217- 9144

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