Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Three of Cups - Rite of Passage

Oh Three of Cups, how I love you and how I hate you. I say this because I am reminded by this card of the first flush of love, of the happiness and joy of committed love and the loss of love. Simultaneously I think of it as being party time, a celebration is eminent, and a moving toward retirement. I never imagined looking forward to being 65, but the fact is, I am in four more years. I will have a somewhat improved standard of living, and now I've finally come to the end after 20 years, my mortgage will be paid off in a few months. This will give me the feelings of fulfillment and completion, much like the way one feels when you fall in love. But the Three of Cups is a card of transition or rite of passage, with further developments to come, as the journey is not finished, and there is still hard work ahead.

Having spent most of my life single, becoming a young newly wed widow at 27 years of age, and then was divorced  six years later, escaping an abusive husband. Honestly, I would be lying if I said I am glad to be single, but at the same time I can't say I am unhappy with my single life. There are many worse things in life than being single. Being married or coupled with someone you are not in love with, is the worst kind of loneliness and unhappiness. As well my identity is not defined by a married or single status, by my age, colour, race or creed.

According to the Mythic Tarot deck, the Three of Cups indicates that I am at the beginnings of initiation into deeper levels of the heart experience, heralding further explorations in the future, as the Three of Cups divinatory meaning suggests. Well that's good news, and I feel this in my bones.

 We never know what the future holds, but what is important to me is having hope about emotional fulfillment and promise regardless of my past losses in life and love. Finding contentment in whatever life circumstance, is vital to my happiness, and peace of mind.

The Handless Maiden- Egg Tempera on Wood Panel, 12"x 12" 2012, Catherine Meyers


Ellen said...

Did you ever expect to be so alive at this age when you were young!!!
Each day I feel more myself. Single? mmm.... you aren't alone. You sharing your life with the most gorgeous of being YOU!
This card reminds me also of your great celebratory weekend with you your friends.
I am "single" for ten years now and I know it is hard sometimes. but it also has made me love and treasure myself more than ever before

Unknown said...

So funny how our perceptions are so skewed, when we are young. I remember as a kid Ellen, I could hardly wait until I was 20. Then I'd have a bosom and long necklaces would hang over it! That was my rite of passage! HA!
Yes well 65 never entered my mind that wasn't in the view finder! It sure is front and center now. It's a great place to be in my life right now and it has much do to with being single! Like you I have learned to really love and treasure myself.
We have this common also!

Many blessings to you Ellen!