Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Page of Wands - Gratitude For Creative Inspiration

As I went to shuffle my Mythic Tarot deck this morning, to draw my daily card, the Page of Wands seemed to jump out of my hand, and it landed on the table. So I thought, this is my card for the day. A card that is full of promise in the year to come..

This messenger brings the good news of delicate beginnings, and creative inspiration. I'm definitely feeling the restlessness, and unease associated with this the Page of Wands. But there will be new ideas, new ventures, and a new phase to come.

 The creative imagination that inspires, sometimes can seem to be at odds with the realities of mundane everyday responsibilities, like paying bills, getting you car fixed, leaking hot water pipes, or dealing with others who can't figure out why in hell you would ever pursue an art 'career', because many creatives live in poverty. But having wealth isn't about having money.

 Many people couldn't care less about art or creativity, and really may even think, you have lost your mind completely, if you actually ever had one!

Living a creative life is what makes me really happy, and I am very grateful for my health, and for an abundance of love in my life.

Today I take responsibility for my own happiness, no one else's. I have come to understand what makes me happy and unhappy.

 Artist's can change the world for the better, and that is most important to me, as it is my vocation. I look very forward to Christmas Day, tomorrow and to the New Year, as I hope we all do, and whatever your vocation, my hope is that you will change this global world, to make a more joyful, peaceful and wealthier place to live, for everyone, everywhere.


    Ellen said...

    Beautiful post Catherine. I wish you and abundant, joyful and creative 2015. Feeling wealthy is all about perception and gratitude. It is my intention to seek fulfillment in the simple things next year.
    Wishing you Happy and Lovely Holidays my friend

    Unknown said...

    Thanks Ellen, I am wishing you great abundant creative blessings, health, wealth and happiness abounding!

    Simple things...those are the best! XXXOOO <3