Saturday, December 6, 2014

Getting Smart With Discernment - Five of Pentacles

This card looks a little ominous and dark as Daedalus is skulking off after having to leave and let go of his material success and position. Most importantly what he has lost, is faith in himself.

He has been left with, is an opportunity to deal with all of his troubles the loss that was self-inflicted, but he can begin again and transformation and real happiness is now possible.

There are several important lessons and messages in this card. It is said for every action there is a reaction, according to Newton's law of motion. Our perception and insight can get obstructed by other things that we  put before our values, and we can loose our way. Then we pay the consequences for our action, leaving us without faith in ourselves or whatever we thought we had gained materially and unhappy.

Discernment is the most essential strength, skill and emotional intelligence I can have, when making decisions in all areas of my life.


thesycamoretree said...

Having the wisdom to accept what we can't control (including responsibility for what we caused) and the courage to change what we can. :)

Unknown said...

Well said Bev!