Wednesday, December 17, 2014

King of Wands - I Was Dreaming,Then I Got Off My Bum

This is the second day in a row of picking the King of Wands from my daily draw. My online fellow Tarot blogger By The Sycamore Tree, drew the same card today. I really liked, and appreciated her interpretation of the King of Wands. So I got the message loud and clear today.

 I had been procrastinating which I'm really good at, by the way. I have been procrastinating getting my Christmas decorating done. I could have made a number of excuses why I didn't get at it, and maybe soon found myself in a Christmas funk. But with great purpose, I ignored my inner Grinch, and so I got to it, and at it this afternoon. I cleaned, well that's a relative term I use loosely. Then I opened up my Christmas box, filled with all my Christmas ornies. I actually enjoyed myself, and now that it's done I am feeling a little bit in the Christmas Spirit, well a little more than a little.

As long as I go with the flow, embrace my feelings good, and not so good feelings, it's an easier time for me I find, to move forward, especially at Christmas. So many troubles, and tragedy in the world, and it can all get you down. You can begin to think it isn't such a beautiful world, that perhaps there are no more beautiful people, especially this time of year. But after all is said and done, it is still a beautiful world, and there are many beautiful people on this earth.

I am so very grateful to be alive, for my life, for beautiful friends and family, to be able to celebrate is a such blessing. So this is what I concentrate on, and I'm glad I got off my bum!

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