Friday, December 19, 2014

The Fool's Journey - A New Chapter

A much welcomed card for me today, The Fool. In many ways, the card has more meaning to me, then all  other in the Mythic Tarot deck, for several reasons. This beautiful card signifies all that is youthful, creative, and being connected with our higher selves.

There are never any guarantees at the beginning of our life journey, that we will arrive safely, but we must be open to life because life is meant to be fully lived.

I love the Fool,  as the card represents an open heart, and mind to all the possibilities in life.
Many years ago when I lived in Prince Edward Island, I became very interested, and preoccupied with Commedia dell'Arte, and moved to Toronto to study the foundation of street theatre.

 The white face is commonly known in the world of the clown, and Mime. I learned as much as possible about the history of the white face in cultures. Traditionally white face it is seen as the death mask. Court Jesters had the job of reminding Kings of their mortality, to remain humble, and to laugh at themselves. Death is the great equalizer, and no one gets out of here alive.

The Fool being the first card of the Tarot, is augers a great enthusiasm to willingly embark upon the threshold of life's journey. The Fool is mortal, simultaneously, has an animal like instinct, and intuition, however, is also very much akin to the angels, with a child like innocence, and purity of heart. The Fool is very much a participant, never the bystander, who just is satisfied to sit on the side lines of life.

Representing Dionysos, the Fool is the son of the king of the gods, betwixt and between the heavens, and the underworld. Ever the creative artist, the dancer, the mad, irrational, the impulsive one, who does things 'out of the blue' toward change, and unknown horizons

 The Fool possesses the tools needed for a new chapter in life that awaits, and this always involves a willingness to take a risk.


thesycamoretree said...

It's nice to be reminded that sometimes you don't have to push, pull or manipulate to have a great life. All you have to do is take that first step...

Unknown said...

True dat! For me it's pretty much a breeze to trust when things are going all groovy, harder to let go and turn things over to the Maker of all when they aren't. Still a work in progress me ;)