Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Strength of The Lion - King of Wands

This card the King of Wands very much describes many characteristics of my friend Howard's personality.  It gives me comfort, and makes me smile that I drew this card today. Honest, dependable, tenderhearted, kind, generous, backs up his own ideas, a self-starter who rarely sits still, and is a natural born creative leader, who was able to turn his weaknesses into strength.

Like the King of Wands, Howard didn't care so much about the what people thought, though he was very ready to listen to your opinion, and always was quick to express his own. As well, his leadership skills were very much manifested in his willingness to help and serve others, without hesitation. My creative friend, had a thirst for adventure, was a fighter, and very much a lover of life and all God's creatures, just like the King of Wands, and  he longed to go to Scotland.

Like many men and women I have known, myself included, the King of Wands have ' father issues. ' This can be the source of profound hurt, regret and other problems that affect interpersonal relationships. We all have to work through these ' issues ' in our own way and time, in order to find happiness, and finally come to a place of peace, in life, or in death.

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