Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Channeling The Life Force From Above and Below

The Magician is a very life affirming card because I know if I listen to it's message, I can draw strength, and confidence from this Major Arcana card, that it embodies as the Magician is the protector, and spiritual teacher of the Fool, offering guidance and wisdom.

I know too, that I can trust my intuition, imagination, goals, objectives, and tools that are laid out on the table before me, at my disposal. It is essential for me to have confidence, and to not have any regret or doubt, causing me to sit on the fence of indecision.

I can not live in the past, nor project into the future. Living in the present is always the best approach to life. The Magician urges me to act decisively, otherwise my plans will not come to fruition.

The Magician acquires insight, inspiration, and strength from the heavens, reaching toward the sky, but also reaching toward the earth's foundation, with feet firmly placed on the ground, so as to actualize individual capacities, bringing them down to earth, where they are rooted and grow.

Given all the tools needed, we all can manifest our capacities of the life force, from above, and below. We can all be the Magician of our own lives, if we will but use the tools we have been given.


Ellen said...

I it is funny we have both drawn the Magician as our guide to enter the New Year!
I wish you a magical and fulfilling 2015

Unknown said...

Tarots twins again! Causes me to have a great big smile Ellen. Here's to a New Year and a future full of peace and fulfillment and contentment Ellen. <3