Monday, January 12, 2015

Wheel of Fortune - Acceptance

There is definitely change ahead when I draw the Wheel of Fortune. What kind of change? I can only speculate, and that's not so clear. Only good fortune is hoped for at best. I would be wasting my time projecting into the future, and I am no fortune teller. Growth and a new phase is assured regardless of which way the wheel turns.

I think about the future a fair amount, and have hopes and dreams like any one. But the big thing is, is taking charge of what it is I want to actualize in my life. This can be the hard part. So I have been busily doing lots inventory, goal setting, and trying to crystallize what it is I want to do and accomplish. What I don't accomplish I have to accept responsibility for, good or bad.

I must say I am struggling to get past the Winter weather which is a really challenge psychologically and living alone I stay in my head. Thank goodness I have a writing outlet. Winter has always been something to overcome. I've never really liked it, and as I got older I disliked it even more. I don't remember even liking Winter as a kid. I do remember before I started school, being left outside for long periods of time at the baby sitters, along with another kid. The woman who was minding us had a daughter the same age as her cousin and me. We were both left outside in the cold while her mother allowed her daughter to come back in the house. I never told my mother. Perhaps this might have something to do with the reason I don't like Winter, and have a unpleasant residual memory. I certainly relate Winter with being cold and dark which I believe directly affects my mood along with having a touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

So goes the Wheel of Fortune, life is not perfect, full of big and small messes, but it is a beautiful life. Some days are diamonds, some days are stones and we can't have one without the other. Acceptance is the key to all my difficulties.


Ellen said...

Acceptance Is a wonderful gift. it has brought me so much peace of mind.
"But the big thing is, is taking charge of what it is I want" Even bigger for me is finding out what I really want :)
How you feel about Winter is exactly how I feel about Summer: something to overcome!

Unknown said...

Yes for sure acceptance has changed my life Ellen too. If you mean you don't like the heat, I certainly understand that. We don't get a whole lot of really hot weather here being by the ocean. But I don't like the humidity. I grew up with that in the city. Yuck. Truth is I love the Spring and Fall the best; especially Spring sure makes my spirits soar! I think 66 days left before it arrives, but who's counting? Me!

Ellen said...

Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons too. I love the gentleness of them both. The promise of change