Thursday, January 15, 2015


Using my head and not my heart can sometimes be difficult, because it can feel like I am going against the grain, as I approach life often with my heart. But I have learned to ignore some of those feelings when I know I am not doing the right thing, because sometimes my heart can get me into trouble if I don't think.

I now understand why 'they' say youth is wasted on the young. I wished I had listened to my head when I was young, and maybe I'd  have made decisions not based on fear. But we can't undo what has been done and need stay the forward course with hope and optimism.

Courage and fortitude is what the Strength card symbolizes. We all have situations were we try to have courage but are very afraid, just as we can have the guts to do some thing, but we feel weak. Courage can be spurred on by fear. Fortitude can be motivated by weakness. Fear and feeling weak can cause negative reactions, if we don't use our head. I need to handle unhealthy anger and self-serving pride. I must be willing to do the right thing in spite of fear, and try to replace my fear by acquiring faith. This helps be to walk through my fear, with love being the opposite of fear.

Self-reliance is not the way for me to possess strength, courage and fortitude.The human spirit is amazing. It inspires and changes our lives when grounded in faith.
Freedom from fear is a lifetime process.


thesycamoretree said...

That little hamster picture made me laugh so hard; he seems to be saying, "Hey, this isn't as hard as it looks!"
I tend to be the opposite; my experiences filter through my logical brain first, and then my heart. Which works out well in some cases, but other times can make others think I am uncaring. Maybe that's the weights that hamster is holding - compassion on one side and reason on the other.

Ellen said...

Somehow it always troubles me this card has a man instead of a woman taming the lion. He uses brute force to submit the animal.

Unknown said...

I know what you mean Ellen. We all respond differently to the symbolic imagery and of the cards.
The man is Hercules, son of Zeus.
Nemean Lion possesses a magical skin which gives invincibility. The lion is described as being vicious and savage in animal form.
The lion skin represents an inner permanence of self, which comes from a strong sense of personal identity. When we wear this skin which we conquered, the opinions of others mean little, as we are armoured with this indestructible identity. But we have to guard against that 'me first' ego drive.


Unknown said...

I have an special love for hamsters...had three when I was little, all named Mugsey. Glad you had a good giggle!
I love your analogy.

thesycamoretree said...

I had hamsters too when I was a kid! :)

Unknown said...

Another thing we have in common Bev. Gotta love the lil' hammies.