Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ace of Wands - Pure Creative Energy

The Ace of Wands is a powerful card to draw. It deeply embodies the creative force of nature, the creative power of the imagination. The Golden Fleece is seen as the symbol of creative vision. It is an affirming card that reminds me of how creativity is not simply for the 'artist' but for everyone.
Many people have misconceptions about creativity in that they think creativity is only reserved for those directly involved in art and craft. Not so.

Yesterday I heard an interesting item on the radio about creativity and the guest was purporting that creativity is found in every aspect of work and individual job, and so it goes for individuals. We all have, and are all born with a great capacity to be imaginative and creative, but many of us need to know how to tap this force. If we have been blessed to have grown up in an environment where creativity was nurtured especially as children, it stays with you, but there are ways to develop this creative energy and to foster it.

What helped me immeasurably channel, and understand my creative energy, was when I came to know The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan, back in the 90s. An art friend, and art therapist recommended I read this book, that changed my life twenty years ago.

Today it colours every aspect of my creative process as an artist. It empowered and enabled me to fulfill dreams I never imagined possible. I share this book with younger women I meet, or with any one creative individual, who may not be aware of it.

I related wholeheartedly to the basic principles, that were a confirmation, affirmation, and clarification of what I’d believed for so long. I am so grateful  to now have over thirty years of journals to draw on, as I write everyday which enables me to be a better visual artist.

Upon reading and putting into practice the basic principles of the Artist Way, I have been writing regularly in daily practice for over twenty years now. My writing for me has been like prayer in so many respects.
I now realized on a deep level how to live my life as a creative person.

Being introduced to Julia Cameron's book was so affirming, and I felt like I wasn't crazy, which may sound like an extreme adjective, but wanting to pursue art often left me feeling like I was different than the mainstream and it wasn't really okay. After applying the principles of The Artist Way I no longer felt alone. I not only felt like I'd finally found my tribe, but I felt empowered. You might say, the Artist's Way has been my Ace of Wands.


Ellen said...

Besides "Women who run with wolfs" this is one of my most favorite books. Whenever my neck allows it I am writing in my journal by hand. I love how you can discover so many hidden thoughts and feelings, writing one sentence after the other. Writing by hand is so very different from writing on a computer

Unknown said...

That is very true Ellen. Your brain works very differently writing long hand. I find with actual cursive writing I think more about what I am writing, and my hands don't get ahead of my thoughts. You actually retain and learn effectively writing long hand. It's a fact! :)
It troubles me to think they are no longer even teaching cursive writing in most schools now. When I returned to University at 56 I certainly was in the minority writing notes.