Thursday, January 22, 2015

Queen of Pentacles - Generousity

Here's one of my favourite Queens. She's has great feminine strength, is sensual and an earthy, hard working woman, who loves the abundance and luxuries of life. The Queen of Pentacles is generous of heart, and always ready to quickly share with others. She is a true patron of the arts and charity. She is stable, receptive, and symbolizes the sensuous elements of the earth.

Generousity is putting our gratitude into action otherwise it is just a pleasant emotion. I don't believe we can be truly grateful if we are not generous. My Creator, and so many people in my life have been so generous, and I need to give to others what has been so generously given to me, in whatever way I possibly can. We also need to be willing to be generous toward ourselves, not in a selfish manner, but in the sense of self-care, because we cannot give to another, what we do not have ourselves.

Love has no price tag, and demands nothing. There are many rewards in selfless giving especially with a joyful heart. For me this is what the Queen of Pentacles embodies, and in the best sense is truly a 'Lady of Leisure'.


Ellen said...

I always say when you give love you seem to have an abundance of it. It is like the ace of Cups. The river has to keep flowing :)

Unknown said...

So very true Ellen <3