Sunday, January 4, 2015

Nine of Wands - Full Wolf Moon

The time of the Full Wolf Moon, gives a strength that may be unexpected in the dark of Winter but I believe it does. The Wolf Moon is a great time to begin new creative endeavours. It also corresponds with the Nine of Wands, the card of strength in reserve.

These dark days cause us to withdraw into personal introspection and reflection, which can give us a creative strength that the Nine of Swords speaks of, and that we may be unaware of having. We find this reserve strength when we lest expect it, and when we most need it. This time can help to lead us to new life, hope and ideas.

 Like Jason, we may be in the middle of the raging storm in the Clashing Rocks. But we will make it through.We  rise up to the challenge are prepared when we are feeling the lowest, at the end of our rope, mentally, physically or emotionally.

I identify very strongly with wolves, because the wolf represents a woman's strong instinctual, intuitive and Wild Woman nature.

Full Wolf Moon


Neopagan Priestess said...

I haven't yet read Women Who Run With The Wolves, but it's on my to-do list! Good luck tapping into your creative strength :)

Ellen said...

After Reading "Women who run with the wolves"who wouldn't be enamored with the wolf. The wolf is one of my animal guides, beside the hare and the owl. I think we can learn so much from the nature of animals

Unknown said...

Thank you Kerry.
Oh boy well that's a book you'll be able to get some deep insight from, and I dare say it will change your life. I refer to it always, and have read and re-read and continue to pick it up, keeping it close to my heart.I love any books written by Jungian writers.

Unknown said...

For sure Ellen. Fox is my totem. But, the wolf she embodies who we are as women I believe.