Sunday, January 25, 2015

Two of Pentacles - Don't Give Up!

Here we see Daedalus who is at the beginning of honing his skills and reputation. He is putting his energy and efforts into several challenging areas at once. It is like juggling, but in whatever form it takes in life, these are all the challenges before us, and it is a developed skill that we need to build upon and has been an essential habit for me to maintain balance.

 I have to make my mind up to be determined, to get one step successfully completed, before I can move on to the next. If I try to skip a step I'll simply not be able to accomplish the skill effectively, and won't be able to reach the goal I have set for myself.

If I break things down one step at a time, I can channel the flow of creative energy, put it to work, and reap the rewards. It enables me not to feel over whelmed, to not be overcome with impatience, which leaves me frustrated, disappointed, and like I have failed. Unfortunately all of these negative feelings can quickly translate into guilt and shame, leave us feeling like we want to give up.

Don't give up! There are those who love us, want to help us to reach our goals, and to reach our dreams, if we will only ask for help.


thesycamoretree said...

Your post and the image at the bottom parallel my cards today. :) I wonder how often we give up when we just needed to turn one more corner to get to our destination...

Unknown said...

Oh the same wave length again! Psychic twins!
I think unfortunately for many this is the case too often, what you talk about, that corner.
We live in an instant gratification kind of culture where we want everything now and if things don't go the way we expect throw up your arms and give up.
I learned the hard way about beginnings and endings, and missed all that middle stuff. Thank goodness I learned that lesson because I really would have missed out on so much of life. <3