Monday, January 26, 2015

Queen of Pentacles - Feminine Strength

I find the all the Queens in my Mythic Tarot Deck always have some kind of significant and helpful message for me, usually with some thing I'm struggling with. Today it no different, when I drew the Queen of Pentacles or the mythic figure of Queen Omphale this morning. Prior to this, I heard good news about an issue I had let go of since Friday past, and this card was a clear confirmation for me to remain strong, stable, and simple.

 I don't know about you but I can complicate my life. If could get back the amount of time I've wasted on fretting about things, and if I could cash that time in for dough, I'd be able to at least pay off all of my bills! Especially when the outcome is good, I then reflect on my behaviour. I've metaphorically pulled my hair out, and got my underwear in a knot, and see clearly how this is such a very futile exercise. If this happened literally I'd be bald by now, with very ill fitting, uncomfortable undies.

Regardless of the outcome of things, it is a total waste of time. It is also uncomfortably obvious to me how I  lack trust. I do turn it over, to the God of my understanding,but not without a period of hand wringing, and hanging onto my Kerfuffles. Drives me bonkers.

I do believe I am making improvement, little by slowly. Today I strive for simplicity within the complexity of life. The Queen of Pentacles reminds me to keep my feet planted in the good earth.

Sometimes I bring on these problematic issues myself. I have nothing to whine, complain or worry about. So like the Queen of Pentacles I want and need to focus on the abundance of life. I need to be generous with  myself mentally and emotionally, believe in my feminine strength, and share that abundance with others, and stop worrying about Kerfulles.

The Lost City of Kerfuffles


Ellen said...

Sometimes I like to take all four queens form the deck and lay them around a card that represent me or the issue at hand. It gives me a reassuring and comforting feeling.
Yes when we are stuck in our thinking, worrying mode the best thing is to plant our feed in the mud, do something with our hands and practice gratitude for every thing in our live. :)

Unknown said...

That sounds like a great idea Ellen.

You're such a wise woman! <3