Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ace of Pentacles - Where To Find Pennies From Heaven

I am feeling very under the weather today, with a real achy, nose running, crappy cold, and I sure don't feel anything like Poseidon, the 'husband of the earth' which his name means. It's is a card that greatly makes me feel hopeful, especially when I am in monetary need.

The message is 'here come pennies from heaven', a very favourable sign, with an anticipated new career, sudden available funds, creative energy, and  growth opportunities, springing from a raw force of nature. Poseidon is a mover, and an Earth-Shake, ruling over the sea and all the water ways.

Well that's good news, because I feel so lack luster, not to mention like my late husband would describe, feeling like a piece of re-fried s_ _ _.

 So now, I get horizontal in my bed! Hoping to feel a whole lot better tomorrow!


Ellen said...

I do hope you are feeling a bit better already. I love the notion of the sea and the earth being husband and wife.

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen. Yes I am feeling a bit better today. I went to bed around 6 p.m. last night!

Me too I love the idea of sea and earth being husband and wife!