Saturday, November 1, 2014

Seven of Cups - Your Will Vs The Creator's Will

I relate very much to the Seven of Cups that I have drawn today, because yesterday I purchased a second hand car, leaving me financially busted, but this is the sacrifice I decided to make because this car is all legal, in good shape, drivable, reliable and I bought it from a local friend an older woman I trust implicitly and who took good care of it. The price was right, and being in remote Nova Scotia, and I can't be without a vehicle living in the boonies, especially with Winter coming on soon. I am all too familiar what it is like being without a car, having to hitch hike. So my decision I know, was the right one, though it has left me both broke and happy, but especially, very very relieved, after driving a car that shouldn't have been on the road.

I've had more than my fill of junker cars over the years, and have acquired a few funny stories because of this situation, that didn't have a good outcome. Fortunately my purchase of this vehicle isn't one of them. Mind you, the car I recently stopped driving, doesn't owe me anything, but I will confess I have three traffic tickets, $176 dollars each, that I owe due to my bad decision to keep driving it over the past few months! There's nothing funny about that!

Here in the Seven of Cups we see Psyche praying, and pleading to Aphrodite for help, that will enable her to make wise decisions regarding Eros. She makes the request to Aphrodite to help her win Eros back.  Psyche has many choice options, as represented by the seven golden cups, floating in mid air.
Aphrodite answers by laying down the law, and confronts Psyche about how she expects her to fulfill certain required tasks before she grants her prayer request.

We all are faced with particular challenges and need to make difficult decisions in order to obtain the things we want or need. Many times these decisions involve making sacrifices, and we have to seriously ask ourselves whether these are really worth it. We have to ask ourselves, is this something I really want or need or both, and what am I willing to do in order to get it? It's a test of our determination, perseverance, persistence, ability to discern right from wrong, and it is especially a testament of our faith. There is nothing easy about making these decisions, and it can feel like we are between that rock Psyche is kneeling on, and a hard place.

When I reflect on this card I reminded, that it is essential that I turn my requests over to the God of my understanding and ask for guidance and discernment asking that I be enabled to follow the Creator's will first and foremost, over my own..

I used to have a standard Sunfire a few years back the same year, but it was candy apple red. I blew the motor trying to drive myself out of my snow filled lane way in order to get to University. Boy was that a bad decision!

 I figured silver was a good colour for me, now I am officially a 'senior'. I prefer to call myself a crone or maybe even an 'elder'. I call  the colour of my new ride, Arctic Blonde rather than silver, to match my hair!

My "new to me" ride


Ellen said...

Great car Catherine! Mine can fit twice in it :D
I prefer the word crone too. Elder??? Maybe if I was a bit wiser
Making a choice is always hard for me. I keep weighing the rights and the wrongs. So making the final decision is sometimes really scary. But I know I try to do the best I can in the given situation, so that is something

Unknown said...

OH! You have a Sunfire???
I'm really so happy and excited to have it. Great on gas and in the Winter.
Yes I agree some decisions are pretty daunting if not darn right aweful to have to make.
That's all we can do is our best eh?
In First Nations one description of an Elder is described as being an 'expert' on life. Well that's not me!!! Those of us who are long in the tooth do have some experience. strength, and hope to offer.
Does anyone ever become an expert?

Ellen said...

Haha no I have an old little black Agila
I think it would be boring to be an expert. I like the learning process :)

Unknown said...

I've never heard of an Agila. Me too being an expert sounds like perfectionism. I highly doubt any wise 'elder' or senior would ever consider themselves an expert. Here's to life long learning!

thesycamoretree said...

Congrats on the new car - may it serve you well! When I was younger, I often bought things but didn't take good care of them. Funny how as you age you learn to become a better steward of what you have. :) Enjoy your new sense of freedom!

Neopagan Priestess said...

So glad to hear you have a nice-looking car that's good on gas and in the winter. I'm guessing winters in Nova Scotia can be pretty rough! It's funny, sometimes I hem and haw over decisions for ages, other times I'm almost too hasty…
Interesting, too, I don't associate "elder" with being an expert, just with being older. Hopefully, some wisdom comes with that, too ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks Bev. Well if you are a baby boomer, like me, we were pretty spoiled but we mostly worked for what we got.Today's kids, oh boy, a lot of them have an absolute sense of entitlement. Thank you Bev! <3

Unknown said...

Thanks Kerry!
New Brunswick got pummeled with an early Winter storm. Carolinas too though. I heard on the radio there were parts of Maritimes warmer that Florida, this past few days. Weird weather. No snow here in Nova Scotia... but our day is on it's way no doubt about it!

I can sometimes be the same Kerry, a little on the impulsive side, but with age comes wisdom. But spontaneity, now that's a good thing!

Biggest lesson I've learned about making decisions is not to run away from or avoid reality. Will get me into trouble ever time!!!

No I don't associate elder with being an expert either.