Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nine of Cups - The Secret of The Wish Card

What do you wish for? I'd love to know. Do you believe in luck?

Wishes for me are more about luck, which I don't really believe in, in a superstitious way. When someone wishes me luck I often ask them, just to say a prayer, because I know that works. The answer may not always be what I want, but it is certainly always, the answer I need, and I can let go of trying to bargain or plead with the Creator to grant me my prayer. All you can do is ask, and we can't do anything to control the outcome. But it is important to ask.

It is however such a joyful and affirming thing of faith, when your prayer, regardless of how small is granted, as mine was today, and it was just as important to me as any prayer.

The prayer is not necessarily the what matters, because many times we can't find it within ourselves to pray, even though we have a desire to prayer. This in and of itself is enough, when we feel this way, because it is a prayer.

All the Creator requires of us is to be willing to be willing, and to have a desire to pray even if we can't find the words, are dry, and poor in spirit.

 “What I wear is pants. What I do is live. How I pray is breathe.”
― Thomas Merton, Thomas Merton: A Life in Letters: The Essential Collection


Ellen said...

I've read somewhere in the bible, a long time ago, that God already knows what you need before you pray So yes the act of asking will open our channels to receive.

Unknown said...

Yes I remember that too Ellen. Stands to reason and I do believe that God does know our needs before we ask. It is easy sometimes to forget to ask, or not to recognize when prayers are answered.