Saturday, November 15, 2014

Why Not All Tarot Cards Are Created Equal - The High Priestess

This question goes out to my fellow Tarot readers. Have you ever drawn a card from your daily draw, and thought to yourself, how ironic, taken a deep breath, after feeling overwhelmed by the realization that this is the exact card you need to connect with right now? It's a good feeling, because it gives me a sense of peace, focus and affirmation. When I drew this card, it caused me to slow down and think, with my head, and with my heart, to respond, instead of react, to wait, and see.

This is exactly what The High Priestess did for me today, after having a rather unpleasant experience, that took me completely off guard, leaving me anxious, and metaphorically, a little sick to my stomach.

 The High Priestess is the card I can always draw much strength from, because she reminds me to listen deeply to the mystical quietness, to listen to that still quiet voice within, and to remain in a state of balance, no matter how rotten I am feeling, in the pit of my gut, and regardless of what has happened. The High Priestess is the card I can connect with on this deep spiritual level, and I don't think there is another in the deck that does this for me.

I am assured, that what is hidden will be revealed. I don't need to feel stressed,  anxiety or the necessity to rush in trying to force a solution. I need to be patient, trust my intuition, as all will come out of the darkness, into the light.

I am feeling better, as much as my lizard brain isn't impressed! But as my old A.A. sponsor once said to me...


Ellen said...

I am glad you are feeling better and that you've received that one card that could achieve this for you. It is like a gift from Spirit especially for you. They give such a comforting feeling.
I have a few "Sigh" cards which can lift me up when I feel down and she is one of them :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen. Yes gift form Spirit for sure. It's why we love the Tarot I would say.
Persephone is a very interesting character, with a fascinating story. I am very keen on learning more about her and Greek Mythology.


Ellen said...

I think there is much more to her then than the innocent maiden in distress. :)

Unknown said...

There definitely is indeed Ellen!