Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How To Take Control of Your Red Shoes - The Devil

I don't believe I've ever drawn the Devil card in my daily draw. This card represents the passionate side of the individual, from which we can experience growth if we recognize and accept this aspect of ourselves. Pan also plays the truth on his pipe, and the scene takes place in the depths of the unseen unconscious. The dancing figures represent the fears we have in facing the truth, and how we can often lie to ourselves.

What we think we want, is often not what will truly bring happiness, and we become addicted to what is outside of ourselves, trying to fill that hole in the soul,  instead of finding happiness, and fulfillment from within.

This card reminds me of Hans Christian Andersen's story, about the Red Shoes.
The young girl becomes completely enamored and then obsessed by her red shoes which causes her to continually dance, and this leads to dreadful torment, and suffering.

The Red Shoes - Catherine Meyers


Neopagan Priestess said...

Fears and addictions, the Devil is a tough card, for sure. Yet, as you say, it isn't about ridding ourselves of his energy, but of learning to own it, to moderate it. A little dancing is fun, a lot ends with bleeding feet….
Lovely painting again, Cat! What made you choose circular canvases for these last couple you've shown us?

Unknown said...

Well I'm the dancing fool, but I take good care of my feet!

Thanks Kerry. Well honestly I had all these panels of wood that had been my sculpture, very minimalist basic shapes circle, square, and triangle, with primary colours. So I recycled for my painting series! I like the smaller scale and it is practical for a number of reasons. :) <3

thesycamoretree said...

Those dancing figures make me think of the (old) book, "I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can." It's about a woman (who on the outside looks like she has it all) becomes addicted to valium. She descends into what feels like hell in order to understand how she got to where she was. But what she discovers allows her to climb out of the pit and live a new and better life.

Unknown said...

I've heard of the book, but never knew what it was about. Sounds like a good read. Thanks for telling me about it Bev.