Monday, November 17, 2014

Getting Smart With Your Choices - The Lovers

 Choice can be a  real difficult thing, especially when it comes to making the right decision.
 The Lovers, a Major Arcana card, is about making a choice, as Paris needs to decide who is the most fair and beautiful, Hera, Aphrodite or Athena.

Learning to make the right choices with honesty, and self-assurance or assertiveness can be a life long lesson. Many of us don't learn how to make assertive choices based on love, especially when we don't feel like being very loving after someone has done something to hurt us, or been very disrespectful. We either react in a passive manner avoiding the whole situation, or we lash out in aggression, and not with assertiveness.

 I know myself well enough to understand that it is unhealthy to let feelings fester, when I know I need to be assertive and to have faith in myself. At the same time I do not want anger and bad feelings to dictate negative behaviour toward myself or toward another. I have a choice to make choice to stand up for my own rights while not infringing on another's rights.

How I choose to stand up for myself is what will make all the difference for me, especially because I need to be loving, and at the same time get my message across, that what has happened is not appropriate or me. Then I need to let the situation, and what has happened, go, and not carry around a resentment, that I stick in my gunny sack.

" The problem of choice in love, which reflects one’s values because those choices are a mirror of the kind of person we wish to become. " The Mythic Tarot


thesycamoretree said...

When I was a young adult, I would make a choice then "burn the bridge" behind me. It was like I could never hold that person or situation in my heart (even though they were out of my life). I'm not so sure that was the healthiest way to handle things. So now though I might choose one over the other, I don't feel it necessary to close my heart to them too.

Unknown said...

Good points Bev, thanks for your thoughts.

I wish we all could just be kinder to one another. <3

Neopagan Priestess said...

A good reminder, here, Cat. Make choices that are true to our hearts, without closing that heart to others. Some lovely quotes there, too :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for all your great comments Kerry. I have just seen a great video on a site I subscribe to. The video was about resolving conflict. Was that ever timely! Marie Forleo she had this fellow on Bob Burg, talking about this and wow I thought he'd been reading my journals! He said something about how humans are such emotional creatures, and the quote went something like this. We can bring our emotions along for the ride, just make sure you are doing the driving!

Neopagan Priestess said...

Yes, that's a great way of putting it. We need the energy of our emotions to get us moving, but we also need to detach from them enough to steer a course that is steady and true :)

Unknown said...

I always use to hear in AA " Who's driving your bus ". Well someone else might be and that's not good but if I'm driving it erratically and all over the road that's no good either!

Thank you Kerry <3