Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How To Take Control Of Our Difficult Decisions - Seven of Pentacles

There has been a theme about choices, and decisions over the past few days with the cards I have drawn.  In the Seven of Pentacles here we see Daedelus being made an offer by Queen Pasiphae, who has the white bull behind her. She is offering Daedalus a seventh pentacle in exchange for services rendered. He scratches his chin in pensive thought, wondering just what he should do. This is a difficult decision, and an offer that is hard to refuse. It requires patience, as things will happen, but not immediately.

Sometimes you can feel you've taken two steps ahead, and may be about to take three steps back. Just when you feel you're making good progress forward, things can change instantly, and suddenly you feel like you could just as easily be going backwards, especially if you make a particular decision. But this is the way life is for most of us, if not all. Things are given and things are taken away.  You wonder if your decision will be of positive or negative consequence.You might even panic, or suffer from indecision, which may get you into more confusion and into a quandary.

Today I heard about a fellow who is skilled in surviving emergency and crisis scenarios in the wilderness. He had a great acronym, to enable you to make a difficult decision. I think this acronym can be applied to life.

The Acronym is STOP.

1. Stop.
2. Think.
3. Observe.
4. Plan.

These kinds of simple acronyms can be very helpful when we need to focus, and figure out our next step. Panic is a killer, and you don't need to rush in like a bull in the china shop, that is represented by the white bull that stands as a warning, behind Pasiphae.

An so we need to stop, slow ourselves down, so we can think, observe,  take stock of our situation in order to figure out our next step, make a plan and carry that plan out.

We can't always make the safe choice, and if we do this may lead to stagnation. Difficult decisions, often involve risk, but the more we are prepared the better the outcome.


Neopagan Priestess said...

Hope your choices today are not too difficult, Cat. Good advice about finding ways to short circuit panic so you can make better choices. Today, my choices are around Christmas and my elder son's birthday party, so nothing too worrisome :)

Unknown said...

No, no biggies today! Just what to have for breakfast! HA! Christmas and Birthdays, lovely decisions! :) <3