Thursday, November 27, 2014

Predestination VS Empowerment - The Wheel of Fortune

Random or predestination is not something I don't believe in. Fate or chance is not the way I see things pertaining to my life. I am of the opinion that we make our own 'destiny ' in that I alone control what I choose to do with my life, and I make my own decisions.

We've all heard the old adages and cliches about destiny, but for me it is more helpful for me to concentrate on living in the present, understanding what I can or cannot control. Having a grateful attitude I can move forward and be happy. I can change and empower myself, so I am prepared for the what life has in store.

The Wheel of Fortune is the card I drew today. It makes me reflect on life, and how we all sometimes feel tossed on the sometimes calm or stormy seas. We wonder, " How the heck did I get here?, and where are we going to end up? There really is no firm or known answer to this question, but we can try to prepare ourselves, as best we can, not allowing fear of the future, or worry about the past  just prevents us from living life fully, in the present. This does not mean  I have no thought or concern for either the past or present, but I need to see it in a balance perspective, learning from the past, and being positive about the future, to enable constructive change and empowerment.

My hope, and prayer is that the decisions I make, and what I decide to do with my life, is and will be, in sync with what the God of my understanding knows what my future holds, and what changes lie ahead, whether these be 'good' or 'bad'.

 Regardless of which way the Wheel of Fortune turns, I want, and need to believe that it will bring growth. and a new phase in my life.

*I have an addendum to this post, as I started it yesterday and I didn't get to finish it. I had to go to town pay make a partial mortgage payment. I could not afford to  the whole remaining amount left, $297. Little did I know what was waiting for me. One of the loans officers saw me in line and we exchanged greetings, then disappeared. She came back out and showed me a note that she had written, and told me this is what was the remaining balance owing on my mortgage. It was 179$! I just about passed out, I stood there stunned not daring to think of the immediate possibility of actually being able to pay off my mortgage right there and then! I finally got up to the teller and showed her the note. She double checked it and everything was in order. I knew I had a share of what I thought was approximately $150 as I am a member of this local Credit Union. My immediate thought was to withdraw that and put to toward my remaining payment. The teller then informed me it was actually $240! Holy Magoly. So, I applied this to the $179 and withdrew the rest and closed that mortgage account! I was stunned with the realization that this had happened and I no longer had a mortgage! Free at last, free at last! Good God Almighty, free at last!

What a feeling! Talk about the Wheel of Fortune, and feeling empowered! I ran off to the grocery store got myself a good order of grub, even picked up a whole chicken,  and a whole flat of eggs, which I have been able to do for a long time!

After paying at the counter in the grocery store, which is a little mum and pop place with great deals, I had two boxes to carry out to the car, and a lovely young gentleman who didn't work there, offered to help me carry out the boxes. What a lovely day. The Wheel of Fortune turned for me the right way yesterday and I am so grateful for the big and the little blessings. The best Christmas present ever! I am more than ready for growth and that new phase of life!

This is my house in the middle, my little piece of Paradise.


Ellen said...

Yay for you! What wonderful news Catherine. I am so happy for you. You must feel over the moon.
Some times it feels like all the blessings come at the same time. You deserve this so much
Big Hug

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Ellen!!!
Yes over the moon is the way I'd describe it! I walked around the house talking to me self a few times saying out loud, "This is my house!" Very surreal, and I'm still stunned as it hasn't sunk in yet! It was so unexpected! You don't ever get to come out of the bank with more money than what you owe!