Tuesday, November 25, 2014

There's A Skinny Naked Man In The Wood Pile! - Six of Pentacles

 I worked hard for four hours hauling in my Winter wood into the garage and stacked one cord out of the four I ordered. Friday the next half cord load arrives. That is if the weather holds as we are supposed to get a big dump of snow. Fortunately it was + 16 degrees out today and so I was even working in my bare arms at the end of November.

After my day of " woodin' ", I was late getting my card drawn, which is appropriately the Six of Pentacles. This is a card of harmony and benevolence. I'm sure my body won't feel so harmonious tomorrow after my physical labour, but I am not complaining. If it had not been for the kindness and generousity of the elder gentleman I got my wood from, I'd no doubt had no wood at all for the Winter, because wood is getting hard to come by as the logging companies are taking all the wood directly to the mill.

The fellow I got the wood from gave me a good price, and let me make payments over a period of time. People like this man, restores your faith in people, your trust in life is renewed, giving you the belief that we can count of the bounty of life sometimes, which is not always unkind. This often comes when we most are in need.

The Six of Pentacles augers a renewal of faith, trust in life and in one's capabilities. There is the promise of a kind of restoration of having faith in life, and in one's ability to get things done, somehow ,when you don't know how you will manage.

In the middle of my woodin' I took a break, and checked me email. I got the most wonderfully touching heart felt note from an artist friend in response to a post I had written on my about how the blues made me happy. She had such words of encouragement, and kindness, that strengthened me, and lifted my spirits so much. I am very grateful for her friendship, though we have never met face to face. She is a very talented artist, but more importantly a very special woman who knows the meaning of benevolence and how important it is to reach out to another human being.

Sometimes I wished I had a man to help me do these kinds of chores, like bringing my wood in, but it makes me feel good that I can get the work done and be independent. Who needs a skinny naked man in a woodpile anyway, not me!


Ellen said...

LOL me neither!! Perhaps you should also have drawn the Six of wands! Good job my friend. We are able to do much more than we ever thought we could. I love the reciprocity of this card: one time we are the king and the next time we are the beggar. A bit like paying it forward....
I am happy you have such great friends Catherine!

Unknown said...

Hahaaa! Thanks Ellen. I thought I might be stiff and sore today but nope! Bonus! SO happy I got that wood in before the big snow dump later on tonight! Freezing rain too coming maybe. ICK. But I'm not going any where and will be feeding that ole wood stove! Poo on Winter!