Saturday, May 31, 2014

Eight of Cups - Hope

When the Eight of Cups is drawn, I immediately feel a sense of trouble and  evoking feelings of despair and disappointment. But immediately after, I have thoughts of hope.

In fact it is a card of some resignation, and I think of the saying, no one's getting out of here alive! The Eight of Cups is a card of letting go. So many cards in the Tarot are about just that, letting go, which is a good thing, because much of life, if not all of it, is about letting go of the people, places and things we cannot control. It sure isn't an easy lesson to learn, because life has an ongoing succession of things we are having to let go of; loved one's, our youth, beauty, homes, children, life and the list goes on and on.
  Life is transitory, always changing and we are either moving ahead or backwards we never stay the same. I say it's all about our attitude toward our personal struggles and obstacles.

In the Eight of Cups we see Psyche who has a final task that Aphrodite has requested of her. Psyche leaves the eight golden cups behind,  and voluntarily gives up hope for the future, and descends the staircase to the underworld, knowing she will not return from this desolate and desperate place.

 If and when we find ourselves in this kind of circumstance, we can choose to try to manipulate the future, trying to "make a deal", bargaining our way through , we plead,  we may even bully, in a desperate attempt to hold on and change the situation and the " will of the divine, " or we can choose to let go and choose hope.

We can't not control life, but we can control is ourselves. Once we let go within ourselves, we will find hope.


Ellen said...

This is a beautiful post about hope for the future. The most difficult thing to let go is our need for control which sustains the illusion of certainty. Hope is a wonderful gift we receive if we do succeed: when we decide to go with the flow :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen,

It's a very timely post today. Yes it can be for me such a physiological thing. I really feel the anxiety of uncertainty in my body, really more so than my mind. But, I think, what comes first the chicken or the egg. The human being's brain is a weird one. At least I think mine is! I'll have to speak for myself! lol I intend to enjoy the journey as we are only passing through! Happy hopeful trails to you Ellen!

Ellen said...

"I intend to enjoy the journey as we are only passing through" That intention will work it's magic :)