Saturday, May 24, 2014

Nine of Wands - Reserve Strength

It might be hard to choose one particular card from the Tarot deck, I do have my favourites but I can honestly say I am very fond of the suit of Wands, particularly because they signify expression of spirit which I think suits my personality. Action, energy, ideas and growth are all attributes that all artists need, which I certainly identify with all of these and I aspire to these traits.

Like the Nine of Wands who faces many challenges, we can be in a constant state of worry because of the many challenges and storms, that arise, but we are resolute and overcome, by drawing on a  reserved strength, that we may be unaware of possessing.

 This card is a good affirmation at present, as I have much creative work ahead . I am feeling bolstered to reach my creative goal through the power of imagination, and creative spirit, which the Nine of Wands portrays.

 Many of us work better under pressure. I can't say I am really one of those individuals, because I don't like the stress. However it is often mysteriously wonderful when we are under deadlines, and are under pressure ; somehow we can pull out all the stops and meet the challenge, the arises from our need and willingness.

Having resolute courage means to face opposing forces. This requires faith, strength and a determination in spite of the odds.

Having courage does not mean that we aren't afraid, but we forge ahead regardless and we meet our fear face on.


Ellen said...

This is indeed a timely post for me.Sometimes I wonder were I find the my strength after so many storms. But somehow this well is always replenished and never dried up. So I guess that leaves me with enough courage for the week ahead. :)

Unknown said...

Glad to hear this Ellen. I have and continue to wonder in amazement sometimes myself where, and how I gain the strength. For me I know it is a daily reprieve from being over whelmed with my ' living problem ' and what I struggle with. Living in the present moment is a challenge for sure, but the alternative is a crazy maker for sure. Nothing will drive you more doololly than worrying about the past or projecting into the future. It stinks!
One day at a time is the only way!