Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Six of Cups - Nostalgia

Nostalgia for days gone by seems to be a common experience these days. We often long for the 'good ole days'. Ironically we often can't or don't appreciate the present until is becomes the past and then find ourselves thinking the past was better then the now. There is however much to be learned from the past that can be actualized into the present and into the future.

The Six of Cups is about that longing for a better time past, our fond memories bring both feelings of warmth, pleasure and pain. Pain for the loss of loved ones and pleasurable memories that we keep close in the small of our hearts.
It is in this place of nostalgia we can come to accept what is past and even grieve the people, places and things we have lost. We look back, and we don't shut the door on the past, but we don't stare, and remain stuck there.

Psyche has been abandoned by her love Eros. She sits in the stillness and serenity of the moment searching for answers, contemplating on what she has learned through her experiences of disappointment, regrets and remorse. At peace, and having a new resolve with a new reality, no longer hanging on to fantasy, her past now can be transformed into dreams of the future, that can be realized and achieved, as a result of what she has gleaned from her past with a mindfulness.



Ellen said...

My past is a mixture of ups and downs like everybody's I guess. I wouldn't want to have missed any of it because every experience has made me the woman I am to today for which I am grateful. For a long time I've buried my sadness and with it some wonderful memories. Things are getting better now better and I will revisit that part of my past past one cup at the time :)

Unknown said...

Oh well said Ellen! I feel the same way. A lot of struggles and obstacles I have had to overcome and deal with. But I to, do know these have made me the woman I am. And I am very grateful for that. We can either choose to become bitter, and have that bitter root strangle all aspects of our lives, or we become stronger and see them as opportunities to learn. It results in a person with depth of character, and compassion. You are obviously one of those! Thank you!

Ellen said...

Thank YOU!! :)