Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Page of Pentacles - Thirst For Knowledge

The suit of Pentacles are connected with all things of the earth and our physical selves, they are also associated with all the earth signs of the Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

There is always a message to be found in the Page. Pages represent brand new beginnings, youth, unmarried, inexperienced individuals and the novice.

The scholar is represented in this card who has a thirst, and pursuit for knowledge. We can be educated but not necessarily have a thirst for knowledge, resulting in an educated fool. This person is careful, uses common sense, and diligently applies a love of learning and education, which can lead to an eventual vocation if the individual stays the course.
 Many of us start a new hobby or interest with great enthusiasm, however may fail to persevere, we can get lost in the details, and drown in our thirst for knowledge.

If we want to achieve and actualize our long term goals, this individual needs encouragement and mentoring in order to develop the intellect, that imaginative temperament over the duration of time, through creative nurturing care, and kindness.

Being connected to and with the earth, gives a strong foundation to creative learning, as there is a need to balance the mind with our physical selves, and overall health. The mind, body and spirit are all vital to our overall sense of well being and health. By keeping physically active, and spending time with nature, this affects all the other aspects of our lives in a positive way.

Outdoor learning in and about our natural world and environment, can be one of the best kinds of learning for everyone.

The message in the Page of Pentacles is, a thirst for knowledge, enables us to persevere in our pursuit for education, only if we are honest with ourselves, open minded and have a willingness to learn.


Ellen said...

"The scholar is represented in this card who has a thirst, and pursuit for knowledge" For me his study has to be combined with practical learning like being an intern or practicing a skill. I can't see this page as a scholar. And to be honest I don't know which card would.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for your comment Ellen,
I am not referring to the scholar as in the typical sense of academia, rather I am speaking about the person who is in fact like an apprentice, who loves to learn, especially life long learning.
He uses common sense, which is at the foundation and heart of whatever she/he is studying, having a down to earth, practical attitude toward education. This helps to keep a person humble I believe, and they relate well to others, no matter how much education they have.

Ellen said...

When you put it like this I fully agree with you.
Thanks for explaining :D

Unknown said...

SO many struggle with education, myself included. I really did not like school. It was too boring and all about memorizing, and then regurgitating what you memorize. This is not not learning! I realized I did have a thirst for learning and was an apprentice going back to school on several times, for many things. Finally as an adult at 56 years of age, I went back to University to finish my Fine Art Degree. I graduated in 2012. Learning and education should be fun, and something you feel passionate about, all of your life.

Ellen said...

Good for you! congrats with this achievement. Personally I also like educating myself like I did with tarot. I like to study and to read but I don't like the pressure of performing at exams

Unknown said...

I understand! Exams would cause some major anxiety for me!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thank you for the congratulations Ellen. Yes it was a huge achievement and sometimes I look back in amazement that I did it! It was such a huge challenge, but so worth it! Age should never be a reason to limit a person fro achieving dreams!