Sunday, May 18, 2014

Four of Pentacles - Self Value

The Four of Pentacles concerns all things related to the material plane, and to the physical earth. This card is often referred to as the card of the miser. The card usually depicts the miser with two feet firmly placed on the Pentacles in front of him, holding two Pentacles close to his chest, and balancing one on his head. This symbolizes his fear of, and the inability to let go of the material,  and emotional stagnation. He is reluctant to share with others. There is no loss or gain..

On the other hand this card can also be positive, in the sense that there has been success in achieving goals and monetary stability.

The is a reason for everything I believe, and the behaviour of the miser is no different than for many of us, or all of us from time to time, caught up in keeping up with the status quo, and living in a consumer kind of world,  particularly in the Western world. I like to describe this person as having a bottomless kind of pit that can be an insatiable appetite, a hole in the soul that cannot be filled through people, places and things.

I recall what Mother Teresa once relayed about the difference between the Western, and the Eastern world. She said, there is great spiritual poverty in the West and material poverty in the East . This message always has resounded with me, and like the miser, we can easily loose sight of our spiritual  and creative expression, because this energy has been blocked having a tight grip on  acquiring things, people and even places.
We define our self-value by these preoccupations that cause us to stagnate. Yes, it is true we need to have our basic needs met in order to self-actualize, as Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid indicates.
I think of the Rolling Stones line, " You can't always get what you want, but you get what you need. "

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