Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Seven of Pentacles - Decision

The Seven of Pentacles represents material progress here and some difficult decision is to be made, in this situation. The opportunity to take a new direction is presented to you, and there is a need for reflection on what you have achieved, and obtained up to this point, take an inventory, so you can decide what direction you want, or need to take in the future.

 There is often risk in taking new opportunities. If you decide to not engage in risk, you may take the safer softer way, but may find yourself stagnating, and unhappy.
Taking a break to contemplate, is a good idea, in order to evaluate, and assess your present circumstance.

You reap just what you sow, which you have done. Enjoy the fruit and rewards of your efforts, however take some time to assess with care and forethought, to make certain you are achieving your goals.

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