Friday, May 9, 2014

The Queen of Wands - Creative Imagination

I am very fond of the the Queen of Wands, especially because she is full of creative imagination. To me she is the Wild Woman.
 Often referred to as the Sunshine Lady, however not a stereotypical Pollyanna personality, that many a cynic make fun of, but she has a depth and strength of character, exhibiting a conviction that all will be well. She wears the world as a loose garment with a stable, self-contained, energetic nature.
She neither chases false dreams or illusions, and is her own person, who has a self-confident independence.
Many are attracted to her magnetic and loyal personality, as she is full of life and warmth that she brings to all around her.
 The Queen of Wands does not shrink away from challenge, makes her opinions known, and is a natural born leader, inspiring others. The element of Fire reflects a commanding feminine energy. The Queen of Wands asks of  us to be bold, courageous and determined in all we do.

The darker side to the Queen's personality can be reflected through character defects, such as stubbornness. Because of her ambition and being driven by getting what she wants, she often tries to be superwoman, which can lead to burn out. She may even make a few enemies, along the way to achieving her goals, which are born out in overbearing tendencies and in her fiery, quick temper. 


Ellen said...

I love this queen a lot. She is fiery and confident and she seizes the moment. I see her as a role model because from all the queens her attributes are the least prominent in my personality.

Unknown said...

Ellen thank you for your comment!
Yes for sure, she certainly is a role model, especially for women. Have you read Clarissa Pinkola Estes's book, Women Who Run With The Wolves?

Ellen said...

Yes! from front to back and all over again :D