Saturday, May 3, 2014

King of Wands - The Hero/Adventurer

The King of Wands is associated with the Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. In some decks, he has the Lion at his back, signifying inner strength, prowess, a spirit of leadership and even nobility. He has a power to manifest his creative vision, imagination, and his firery enthusiasm with an infectious personality, is influential on those he meets.

The King is both skillful and wise, has developed his courage, and sense of adventure. He continues to grow, and prosper, but knows there is always room for improvement. His leadership abilities he will serve both at home, and in the workplace.

 He exhibits mastery and self-awareness, reflecting self-control and respect for himself and others. Generosity and kindheartedness is a great strength, innate in the King of Wands. He is both fierce in love and war, and embodies the hero or heroine.

 The individual with this personality needs to guard against impatience, selfishness, not paying attention to detail, and the certainty of always being right. He/she may devalue the quieter and ordinary side of life, considering it to be boring, as the desire for adventure, and action can take priority.


Jonny Industry said...

Why yes, I do know there is room for improvement. I bet you think that odd, me being an Aries and all.

Unknown said...

I'm glad to hear that. No I don't think it odd. No one's perfect!
But you're a pretty humble guy I think, except maybe when it comes to the Boston Bruins, but how could I hold that against you!