Monday, May 26, 2014

Six of Swords - Cut Me Some Slack!

Some times, short of pulling your hair out, and wanting to shout out loud, at the top of your lungs, because you have almost reached the saturation point, you want to yell, for God's sake somebody out there, cut me some slack! Don't worry it's coming! So says the Six of Swords!
Rest assured we have now come to the point where we have obtained some level of acceptance, and peace and the stormy seas have quelled.

Not the happiest of the Minor Arcana cards, and you may find yourself left with feelings of melancholy, but you have peace of mind, after coming to terms with your own limitations. You have left your anxieties behind and distressed. The affirmation is, you have some peace and serenity within, regardless of what has happened, you have let it go.

A time out or a vacation is in order; not to escape from reality, but to get in touch with the flow in the river of life.

You can now begin to perceive how the rhythm, cycle and pattern of your life works, and how you can change your life and yourself.

Letting go can be kind of like flying a kite. We let go, but then we pull it back, and want to take control again. This isn't letting go. You've got to let go of the string!


Ellen said...

I rather like the six of swords. It gives me the opportunity to take myself out of the hustle of everyday life and to reassess my thoughts. (no escape) After this I can let go of some old notions and beliefs (although this is never easy :D )
I love the picture of the girl with the kite

Unknown said...

Me too Ellen I rather like this card too. No you're right never easy. This picture really spoke to me, gave me a sense of a bit of trepidation at first, but right after that, a feeling of freedom.
Thank you for all your comments Ellen. I greatly appreciate the feed back!

Enjoy your day!