Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Page of Cups - The Artist

A great card for me today, because it is finally the day of my reception for my art exhibition which I am very excited about!

 I am fond of Pages from the Court Cards, as they represent hopeful new beginnings, self-discovery and transformation. It makes me think that I can't start my day over any time!
Pages always have a message to give, and represent the young, single inexperienced individual, and novice.

The Page of Cups augers unexpected news, likely of a spiritual nature, and is associated with my favourite element of water. This Page is sensitive, benevolent in nature, and loyal. It is also the card of the artist, they are motivated by a desire to express and communicate the workings of their internal world of imagination, intuition and emotion. However there may be lots of daydreaming and sometimes not a whole lot of practical every day application, which needs to be attended to, on a daily basis. A good reminder indeed!

  The world of creativity, art, mysticism and alternative medicine of the patient or therapist, all areas of great interest, which can certainly nurture the self, on the road to discovery, and self-actualization.


Ellen said...

I do hope this will be a great success for you with lots of interested visitors The page of cups is my favorite page. I always see him as a reminder to stay young at heart. Also he is often an encouragement to create in a playful manner; to experiment

Unknown said...

Awww thank you Ellen! I am pretty pumped! It's an important exhibit to me! I have to agree my favourite page too! Yes being young at heart has always been so important to me too! I thinks it's why I became a Youth Care Worker. I never forgot what it was like to be a kid. I'll be 61 tomorrow but still feel around 21!!!
I'm gonna go out and play!!!