Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstise

 This quote from my Mythic Tarot sums up my thoughts regarding the Solstice. The Sun in this deck portrays Apollo the sun-god or ' Apollo Long sight ', representing that part of ourselves " which can see the purpose and reason for experiences long before we have emotionally processed them, and left them behind. "
He plays his lyre of love symbolizing the transforming power of music, having divine harmony, and being in tune with the self.

 The Sun dissipates the dark, and provides a clarity of vision, with positive energy and growth. Especially, the Sun brings love, joy, and happiness after peril. The bondage of darkness, the fear and the imperfection will give way to light, hope, faith, eventual perfection and freedom. We will triumph over tragedy, and loss will be no more.

I must express that today, June 21st was my wedding day in 1981 when I married my best friend, and soul mate. Leading up to this year's Summer Solstice I was thinking a lot about Bill.  We were only married for, four short months, when he died.

 I haven't thought so much about this day like I have today. Perhaps because Summer Solstice comes the same time as National Aboriginal People's Day. My later husband was Metis, and I feel a very close bond with First Nations. I experienced conflicting emotions today, a comforting sadness, and more than any of the past years, when Summer Solstice came round. I am certain I was having that  ' Long sight '.

When we experience these times of darkness, just before, and as the sun comes pouring in, the brightness of The Sun can be overwhelming emotionally, and even painful. But speaking for myself, I have learned the important lesson, not to run from these emotions. Tears heal. We love, and love always means loss; we can't have one without the other, we can't have the sun without the rain. But if I embrace the rain the sun is sure to shine again.

Blessings to you this Summer Solstice and National Aboriginal People's Day.


Ellen said...

I am so sorry to hear from the loss of your husband. Love can't be measured in time only in depth. Perhaps these bright summer days are the reason I am more sad about my own loss then usual too. But as I've stated before and as you write in this post: Grief is the downside of love.
I wish you a perfect balance between sadness and joy on these solstice days

Unknown said...

Awww thank you so very much for your kind comments Ellen. You are such a compassionate and insightful woman.
We are all works in progress eh.
Bless to you and yours always with balance and much love. Big hugs to you too Ellen.