Saturday, June 7, 2014

Five of Wands - Struggle

Here in the Five of Wands we see Jason having to face and fight the formidable dragon, who guards the Golden Fleece. The card represents struggle.

 As an artist who wants to make good art , I am no different than any body else in that, I always need to be prepared for the unexpected  struggles in life, especially when aspiring and striving to accomplish goals. Often times, the closer we are to actualizing our dreams, the unexpected happens from out of no where, and we have to be prepared to fight that Jabberwocky dragon. We then find out just what we are made of, and how bad we want to achieve that goal. Nothing we want comes without hard work, commitment, persistence, and fighting for our creative visions. These visions can be limited by our own regressive inertia, fear of failure, or apathy, all of which represent our own inner dragon, that we need to do battle with, and cannot be avoided.. We need to rely on our gut instincts, be willing to make compromises, without sacrificing personal integrity.


Ellen said...

What a timely card to draw when facing you inner Jabberwocky ( Love that name). There are so many stories of knights who slay dragons, I am sure it's a very strong archetype
This cards has a whole different feel then the warring men in the RW versions

Unknown said...

A timely card for sure Ellen, and Jabberwocky is a great description of our inner dragons. I agree this card does have a different feel.

I'll never graduate from the school of life, and in the " Church of What's Happening Now " as my brother would say, there are lots of lessons to learn along the spiritual road!

I just keep fightin' those dragons along the way, tryin' to keep them at bay at least!