Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Knight of Swords - Constantly In Motion

The Knight of Swords, the court card of the identical Warrior Twins, Dioscuri who were, Castor the mortal, and Polydeuces the divine. 

Representing the astrological sign of Gemini, and the Mercurial energy of this card is embodied in the Knight of Swords and Mercury is represented by Pegasus, the flying horse, my favourite!. Inspiration, adventure, flexibility, eternally youthful with a quicksilver intelligence, and creating a broader vision of life. Oh it all sounds great until someone gets their heart broken, their eye poked out, or breaks their neck!
 Seriously though, there is both positive and negative to be found here in this card, as in the whole Tarot deck. I'd much rather focus on the positive, as I have had years of attuning myself to work on overcoming the negatives, and am still a work in progress, which I think we all are, in one way or another. Progress, not perfection is my daily mantra.

Being a pretty typical Gemini myself, and having had my  astrological chart read, I understand this duality in personality, sometimes all too well. I have had to wrestle, and fight with myself much like Castor the horse tamer and Polydeuces the boxer. I certainly identify with Castor being a horse nut myself, and I am a fighter. However, really horses tamed me in many ways, and I have learned to pick my fights these days.

Like the Knight of Swords we are all constantly in motion, some of us more so than others. We are either moving forward, or backward. We never stay the same. Change is inevitable. Here's to positive changes ahead!


Ellen said...

Great post Catherine
“I'd much rather focus on the positive”: Although we will always have our inner struggles I like to look for the positive aspects of a situation too. This doesn't mean we are woo woo women :D

Unknown said...

Woo woo women, I love that! You sure have a ways with words Ellen. Thank you!