Saturday, June 28, 2014

Four of Swords - Introspection

Omphaloskepsis or contemplating my belly button isn't something I feel I " should " be doing today. I frankly often feel overwhelmed by things, that need doing. I know it is pressure that I bring on myself, most times. At an early age I grew up in a state of hyper-vigilance and I attribute this pressure I feel to this circumstance. I think it's a kind of adrenaline addiction and anxiety attacks.

The  Four of Swords urges that we take a break for rest and repose. Introspection and recuperation are good for mind, body, and soul. When feeling overwhelmed like I do occasionally, I have to ask myself why, and what can I do about it. Once I figure that out, and it doesn't take much figuring, as I know why and what I need to do. It's simply a matter of doing it.

I have been busy over the past while, and am now withdrawing from a few things to stay home, and do the chores that need attending to. I'm trying to regain some balance. Putting first things first, and setting our priorities can be a challenge to get straight, because we can get caught up in busyness, and this can be a diversion and distraction, in order to avoid what we need to do. Once we can prioritize and get these things done, it helps to alleviate stress and bring us back to where we can feel an inner peace within our soul, in order to listen.
I got affirmation today before writing this post from my friend and fellow Tarot reader and blogger Ellen, who posted about silence and awareness


Ellen said...

"I frankly often feel overwhelmed by things, that need doing." Me TOO!!!
I also have the tendency to make things bigger than they really are.:) What helps me the most is, as you say, to prioritize, making lists and checking of boxes. OMG how I love to check of boxes. I even split up my chores in tiny parts so I can check of more boxes It gives me such a great feeling of accomplishment :D

Unknown said...

GOOD to not feel alone!!! Yes maker too Ellen. As well breaking things down in my mind one thing at a time. I couldn't cope otherwise!!! Oh ya mountains out of mole hills? I really got that one down! LOL

Unknown said...

I meant to say list maker!

Ellen said...

Ha ha I figured something like that.!