Monday, June 9, 2014

Four of Cups- Discontent

The Four of Cups is the card of discontent and stagnation.

Discontentment can lead to having a jaded attitude, but it can also lead to progress.

 Like our inner critic and like Psyche's ugly sisters portrayed in the Mythic Four of Cups, the voices of doubt, apathy and negativity live within our psyche, because we have found ourselves in a unhappy situation. There is a choice to be made, whether to listen to these negative voices, or choose to listen and trust our inner voice, our intuition, that speaks truth. We have come to realize that we are not happy in our circumstance, whatever it is. It may be that our present relationship is no longer satisfying, we have been let down and are feeling cheated. However the person we may be letting down the most, may very well be ourselves.

The thrill is gone, as B.B. King says in his song. We are board and depressed. There is a need for growth in order to move forward. Unrealistic expectations will always let us down, and we must take responsibility for our own happiness, based on reality, not illusion. Life is too short to spend our life in misery and  unhappiness.

There's is nothing that will make us more miserable and drive us more crazy than expecting or trying to get something from another, who either can not, or will not give you. We are often our own worst enemy.

" We have met the enemy and they are ours. "  - O.H. Perry


Ellen said...

I love the addition in this Four of Cups of the sisters as a symbol of the constant nagging and whining whispers in our mind. The worst part of it all is we are our own sisters !!! :D

Unknown said...

Indeed Ellen! If those sisters actually existed as real biological I would be moving away...far away!!! But alas we can't get away from ourselves! Where ever we go, there we are! So I strive to replace those nagging whispers was affirming words of encouragement.