Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Page of Swords - Curiousity & Communication

The youthful and elemental nature of the Page of Swords signifies emerging new ideas, the beginnings of independent thinking, a love of learning and the innate natural curiousity of a child.

Being an ambivalent card, two states of behaviour and mind set can co-exist simultaneously. Love and hate can be apparent. Especially when it comes to the negative aspects of this card, embodying a querulous and mischievous attitude, impart due to the childlike playful nature of the the Page of Swords.

 Unfortunately, as an adult, this playful nature can translate into gossip, which often has it's roots in jealousy, pride, envy and spite. This bitter root that can poison and suffocate relationships, affecting any, and all aspects of one's life. Gossip is to be guarded against.

 How we communicate and what we communicate, especially in present day, hardly allows us to think before we speak, especially because so many of us are preoccupied with instant online communication instead of face to face, or though slow communication via the seemingly dying art of letter writing.

The creative ideas and mental powers of the Page of Swords needs to be nurtured, channeled and directed in  positive ways and encouraged in a supportive manner.


Ellen said...

This reminds me of slow-journaling: First you compose your sentence and then you write every word with care and in neat handwriting in your journal. In this way you are mindful what you tell yourself. Since our inner communication can be rather harsh sometimes too. :)

Unknown said...

Well I've not ever heard of slow-journaling Ellen.
I've been journaling for so long now regularly and although I do try to keep my entries neat with great intentions to start but it soon turns to chicken scratch! I will have to try slow-journaling!

Thank you for that Ellen, and thank you so much for your comments as always. They are very much appreciated! I love reading you Tarot blog!

Ellen said...

As I love reading yours! I am glad we've met. :)

Ellen said...

Just as I love reading yours. I am glad we've met:)