Thursday, November 27, 2014

Predestination VS Empowerment - The Wheel of Fortune

Random or predestination is not something I don't believe in. Fate or chance is not the way I see things pertaining to my life. I am of the opinion that we make our own 'destiny ' in that I alone control what I choose to do with my life, and I make my own decisions.

We've all heard the old adages and cliches about destiny, but for me it is more helpful for me to concentrate on living in the present, understanding what I can or cannot control. Having a grateful attitude I can move forward and be happy. I can change and empower myself, so I am prepared for the what life has in store.

The Wheel of Fortune is the card I drew today. It makes me reflect on life, and how we all sometimes feel tossed on the sometimes calm or stormy seas. We wonder, " How the heck did I get here?, and where are we going to end up? There really is no firm or known answer to this question, but we can try to prepare ourselves, as best we can, not allowing fear of the future, or worry about the past  just prevents us from living life fully, in the present. This does not mean  I have no thought or concern for either the past or present, but I need to see it in a balance perspective, learning from the past, and being positive about the future, to enable constructive change and empowerment.

My hope, and prayer is that the decisions I make, and what I decide to do with my life, is and will be, in sync with what the God of my understanding knows what my future holds, and what changes lie ahead, whether these be 'good' or 'bad'.

 Regardless of which way the Wheel of Fortune turns, I want, and need to believe that it will bring growth. and a new phase in my life.

*I have an addendum to this post, as I started it yesterday and I didn't get to finish it. I had to go to town pay make a partial mortgage payment. I could not afford to  the whole remaining amount left, $297. Little did I know what was waiting for me. One of the loans officers saw me in line and we exchanged greetings, then disappeared. She came back out and showed me a note that she had written, and told me this is what was the remaining balance owing on my mortgage. It was 179$! I just about passed out, I stood there stunned not daring to think of the immediate possibility of actually being able to pay off my mortgage right there and then! I finally got up to the teller and showed her the note. She double checked it and everything was in order. I knew I had a share of what I thought was approximately $150 as I am a member of this local Credit Union. My immediate thought was to withdraw that and put to toward my remaining payment. The teller then informed me it was actually $240! Holy Magoly. So, I applied this to the $179 and withdrew the rest and closed that mortgage account! I was stunned with the realization that this had happened and I no longer had a mortgage! Free at last, free at last! Good God Almighty, free at last!

What a feeling! Talk about the Wheel of Fortune, and feeling empowered! I ran off to the grocery store got myself a good order of grub, even picked up a whole chicken,  and a whole flat of eggs, which I have been able to do for a long time!

After paying at the counter in the grocery store, which is a little mum and pop place with great deals, I had two boxes to carry out to the car, and a lovely young gentleman who didn't work there, offered to help me carry out the boxes. What a lovely day. The Wheel of Fortune turned for me the right way yesterday and I am so grateful for the big and the little blessings. The best Christmas present ever! I am more than ready for growth and that new phase of life!

This is my house in the middle, my little piece of Paradise.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

There's A Skinny Naked Man In The Wood Pile! - Six of Pentacles

 I worked hard for four hours hauling in my Winter wood into the garage and stacked one cord out of the four I ordered. Friday the next half cord load arrives. That is if the weather holds as we are supposed to get a big dump of snow. Fortunately it was + 16 degrees out today and so I was even working in my bare arms at the end of November.

After my day of " woodin' ", I was late getting my card drawn, which is appropriately the Six of Pentacles. This is a card of harmony and benevolence. I'm sure my body won't feel so harmonious tomorrow after my physical labour, but I am not complaining. If it had not been for the kindness and generousity of the elder gentleman I got my wood from, I'd no doubt had no wood at all for the Winter, because wood is getting hard to come by as the logging companies are taking all the wood directly to the mill.

The fellow I got the wood from gave me a good price, and let me make payments over a period of time. People like this man, restores your faith in people, your trust in life is renewed, giving you the belief that we can count of the bounty of life sometimes, which is not always unkind. This often comes when we most are in need.

The Six of Pentacles augers a renewal of faith, trust in life and in one's capabilities. There is the promise of a kind of restoration of having faith in life, and in one's ability to get things done, somehow ,when you don't know how you will manage.

In the middle of my woodin' I took a break, and checked me email. I got the most wonderfully touching heart felt note from an artist friend in response to a post I had written on my about how the blues made me happy. She had such words of encouragement, and kindness, that strengthened me, and lifted my spirits so much. I am very grateful for her friendship, though we have never met face to face. She is a very talented artist, but more importantly a very special woman who knows the meaning of benevolence and how important it is to reach out to another human being.

Sometimes I wished I had a man to help me do these kinds of chores, like bringing my wood in, but it makes me feel good that I can get the work done and be independent. Who needs a skinny naked man in a woodpile anyway, not me!

Monday, November 24, 2014

How To Take Control of Your Inner Fool - The Fool

The Fool is a lovely card to draw today, considering the pending oncoming Winter, which is not at all my favourite time of year.

 I'm not so sure I want to take control of my inner Fool unless it is controlling impulsiveness and naivety. But then again the Fool would not be, if these characteristics were absent. I am not so impulsive as the Fool, which is directly related to my age I'm sure, but I still love to be spontaneous, optimistic with an open heart, which I think helps to keep your inner Fool alive helps to keep you young at heart and to grow old gracefully.

 The Fool's message to me is one of hope, excitement, having a forward looking attitude with optimism and an open heart, as the Fool is the carefree traveler embarking on the beginning of life's journey. The Fool doesn't know what lies ahead, but has the right attitude, is prepared as much as he can be, with his tools of life, carried in the satchel over his shoulder, and his canine companion following close by his side, or the eagle watching out for him as he begins his journey

Spending a lot of my life by myself, animals have always been my great comfort, and are wonderful companions. So it is fitting that the Fool would have his little dog, as seen in the Rider Waite Smith deck or the eagle, who is closest to the gods, watching over his journey. They are his close and loyal friends.

So the puss cats and I, are ready as we can be for the coming Winter with our life tools. We are beginning to hunker down, sticking closer to home near the fire, grateful for the load of wood in the garage, that will keep Jack Frost at bay. Problem is, like the Fool who is full of potential, but it is not applied as of yet, I am reminded I have to get four cord of wood into my garage before the snow comes!

The tools of life that we carry are so important on our daily walk through life. I have tools of life, but I have to be sure to use them, if they are to work for me. My tools have to be honesty, open mindedness, and a willingness to be at least willing to do the work it takes to live my life to the fullest. Trust, prayer, and  perseverance are also tools I must use in order to guard against and to take control of the negative aspects of my inner Fool.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Carp Diem! - Ace of Wands

 I always love to see the Ace of Wands come up in the Tarot. New beginnings and inspiration, with the force of the creative imagination bursting and busting out! A very positive card that urges us to Carp Diem, seize the day and grab hold of your creative ideas and apply them in pursuit of a vision!

Well in spite of this affirming card I have to admit I can be one of the worst procrastinators when it comes to seizing the day, and getting certain things done resulting in restlessness and dissatisfaction. I have over the years, worked hard trying to change my proclivity to procrastination.  Frankly, I see it as being familiar to the disease of alcoholism, in many ways.

I once was told by a fellow 12 Step member, procrastination is like masturbation, because the only person you screw is yourself! True, but there are others who can be greatly affected by our own individual procrastination, whether we are aware of it or not. Creditors, family members, friends, employers, to name a few, all can be causalities, and on the front lines of our private war with procrastination. Most of all we disappoint and hurt ourselves.

The best way I have found to cope with, if not overcome procrastination, is in the same way I learned to cope with my own addiction. Seek help, reach out, and take it one day at a time. Applying the 12 Steps to life can work for everyone I believe, regardless of their struggle. There is always hope for the hopeless, living one day at a time.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

How Loss and Difficulty Can Inspire You To Change - Five of Pentacles

 Having a financial or material loss can effect your self-confidence, and the faith you have in yourself. Often those who have fallen on hard times, are often blamed for their own misfortune. We may also blame ourselves or someone else for difficulties and loss.

We live in a world that judges others by what they have, or do not have, by what they have done or what they have not done. It is easy to sit in judgement of another, but it is neither fair nor helpful regardless of the situation. Of course we have a right to our own opinion, but it doesn't mean we are in a position to judge without mercy.

 Not many would be have empathy for Daedalus, who has had to forfeit his success, and lost his position because of his unscrupulous character, but he has murdered his own nephew out of jealousy, in order to hang on to his status. Daedalus has been forced to let go, and has hit rock bottom, which will hopefully result in some kind of inner transformation.

Definitely an act of murderous treachery and betrayal and would be punishable by death in another time and place.
I believe retribution, and vengeance are not mine and I am grateful that the God of my understanding, is a God of mercy.

The Five of Pentacles message is a warning to not get caught up in the trap of superficial material gain to define our self-worth, as we are are sure to experience loss and difficulty. We will hit bottom sooner or later, especially if we don't develop a solid inner center within ourselves, where higher ideals are reflected  and manifested in our character.

Anton Bastrykin- Angel of Mercy

Friday, November 21, 2014

Why Imperfection Beats Perfection

The High Priestess (Persephone) visited once again today via my daily draw. She was exactly the confirmation, and affirmation I was hoping for, but not necessarily expecting, especially today. I hadn't exactly given up just feeling a little discouraged, but I had just let it go.

I think the message here for me, is to have faith, more faith than what I have, in those things seen, unseen and mysterious.

I have to say it is a good feeling to be at a place in your life where you feel things are finally starting to turn around. This is not without hard work, dedication and faith in myself, in others, and in the God of my own understanding.

Life certainly is never going to be perfect, but it is perfect in it's imperfection, and for that I am very grateful, and happy. The imperfection of life and of human beings is what makes the journey of life a deeply spiritual one, and I am always learning. The idea of perfection is so imperfect.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How To Take Control of Your Red Shoes - The Devil

I don't believe I've ever drawn the Devil card in my daily draw. This card represents the passionate side of the individual, from which we can experience growth if we recognize and accept this aspect of ourselves. Pan also plays the truth on his pipe, and the scene takes place in the depths of the unseen unconscious. The dancing figures represent the fears we have in facing the truth, and how we can often lie to ourselves.

What we think we want, is often not what will truly bring happiness, and we become addicted to what is outside of ourselves, trying to fill that hole in the soul,  instead of finding happiness, and fulfillment from within.

This card reminds me of Hans Christian Andersen's story, about the Red Shoes.
The young girl becomes completely enamored and then obsessed by her red shoes which causes her to continually dance, and this leads to dreadful torment, and suffering.

The Red Shoes - Catherine Meyers

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How To Take Control Of Our Difficult Decisions - Seven of Pentacles

There has been a theme about choices, and decisions over the past few days with the cards I have drawn.  In the Seven of Pentacles here we see Daedelus being made an offer by Queen Pasiphae, who has the white bull behind her. She is offering Daedalus a seventh pentacle in exchange for services rendered. He scratches his chin in pensive thought, wondering just what he should do. This is a difficult decision, and an offer that is hard to refuse. It requires patience, as things will happen, but not immediately.

Sometimes you can feel you've taken two steps ahead, and may be about to take three steps back. Just when you feel you're making good progress forward, things can change instantly, and suddenly you feel like you could just as easily be going backwards, especially if you make a particular decision. But this is the way life is for most of us, if not all. Things are given and things are taken away.  You wonder if your decision will be of positive or negative consequence.You might even panic, or suffer from indecision, which may get you into more confusion and into a quandary.

Today I heard about a fellow who is skilled in surviving emergency and crisis scenarios in the wilderness. He had a great acronym, to enable you to make a difficult decision. I think this acronym can be applied to life.

The Acronym is STOP.

1. Stop.
2. Think.
3. Observe.
4. Plan.

These kinds of simple acronyms can be very helpful when we need to focus, and figure out our next step. Panic is a killer, and you don't need to rush in like a bull in the china shop, that is represented by the white bull that stands as a warning, behind Pasiphae.

An so we need to stop, slow ourselves down, so we can think, observe,  take stock of our situation in order to figure out our next step, make a plan and carry that plan out.

We can't always make the safe choice, and if we do this may lead to stagnation. Difficult decisions, often involve risk, but the more we are prepared the better the outcome.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Getting Smart With Your Choices - The Lovers

 Choice can be a  real difficult thing, especially when it comes to making the right decision.
 The Lovers, a Major Arcana card, is about making a choice, as Paris needs to decide who is the most fair and beautiful, Hera, Aphrodite or Athena.

Learning to make the right choices with honesty, and self-assurance or assertiveness can be a life long lesson. Many of us don't learn how to make assertive choices based on love, especially when we don't feel like being very loving after someone has done something to hurt us, or been very disrespectful. We either react in a passive manner avoiding the whole situation, or we lash out in aggression, and not with assertiveness.

 I know myself well enough to understand that it is unhealthy to let feelings fester, when I know I need to be assertive and to have faith in myself. At the same time I do not want anger and bad feelings to dictate negative behaviour toward myself or toward another. I have a choice to make choice to stand up for my own rights while not infringing on another's rights.

How I choose to stand up for myself is what will make all the difference for me, especially because I need to be loving, and at the same time get my message across, that what has happened is not appropriate or me. Then I need to let the situation, and what has happened, go, and not carry around a resentment, that I stick in my gunny sack.

" The problem of choice in love, which reflects one’s values because those choices are a mirror of the kind of person we wish to become. " The Mythic Tarot

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Where To Find The Goddess - Persephone (The High Priestess)

After drawing yesterday's card, The High Priestess ( Persephone), I felt compelled to learn more about this Greek Myth and it's meaning. I am heartened by the description of the despair, and grief that was shared between mother and daughter upon their separation, when Persephone had been abducted by Hades. In some interpretations of the Greek myth, Persephone was raped by Hades ( her uncle) and betrayed by her own father, who had set up the whole abduction, without Demeter's or Persephone's knowledge.

I found a really fascinating site that explores the connection between feminism and ancient Greece. There is a lot of discussion and reference to women helping women, and having as much heroism, and even more so in my opinion, as the male heroes in Greek Mythology.

In the development of my own spiritual journey I had been at first more or less comfortable with the idea of God as being male. Then years later my idea changed to seeing the Creator as being non-gendered. Presently, and increasingly, what is very prominent in my psyche, and what is beginning to define my interpretation and perception, is the belief in the Creator as Goddess. Some may feel dismissive of the concept of reclaiming the Goddess as being too 'New Age'. I am not one of these as it now feels very natural and comfortable to me.

I am always lead back to Dr. Clarissa Pinkola's book about myths and stories of the wild Woman Archetype. So I turned today to Women Who Run With The Wolves only to find out that Demeter, who is the Mother Earth Goddess, in her deep despair in searching for her beloved missing daughter Persephone, comes in contact with the dancing Baubo; The Belly Goddess, who makes Demeter smile just a little, which then turns into a big belly laugh. Baubo brought Demeter out of her depression, and helped to restore her energy, so she could continue searching for Persephone. Baubo is drawn from the Neolithic belly Goddesses. You know the ones, without heads, and sometimes no feet or arms? They are talisman of women-talk, the kind of talk that wouldn't happen in the company of men and they are much more than fertility goddesses, but symbols of Matriarchal culture.

Now as a group of united women, the old crone Hecate, the sun Helios, and Baubo all join Demeter in searching for Persephone, and they are ultimately successful in reuniting her with her mother.

" The World, the land, and the bellies of women thrived again " - Dr.Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With The Wolves

Baubo- The Belly Goddess - Catherine Meyers

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Why Not All Tarot Cards Are Created Equal - The High Priestess

This question goes out to my fellow Tarot readers. Have you ever drawn a card from your daily draw, and thought to yourself, how ironic, taken a deep breath, after feeling overwhelmed by the realization that this is the exact card you need to connect with right now? It's a good feeling, because it gives me a sense of peace, focus and affirmation. When I drew this card, it caused me to slow down and think, with my head, and with my heart, to respond, instead of react, to wait, and see.

This is exactly what The High Priestess did for me today, after having a rather unpleasant experience, that took me completely off guard, leaving me anxious, and metaphorically, a little sick to my stomach.

 The High Priestess is the card I can always draw much strength from, because she reminds me to listen deeply to the mystical quietness, to listen to that still quiet voice within, and to remain in a state of balance, no matter how rotten I am feeling, in the pit of my gut, and regardless of what has happened. The High Priestess is the card I can connect with on this deep spiritual level, and I don't think there is another in the deck that does this for me.

I am assured, that what is hidden will be revealed. I don't need to feel stressed,  anxiety or the necessity to rush in trying to force a solution. I need to be patient, trust my intuition, as all will come out of the darkness, into the light.

I am feeling better, as much as my lizard brain isn't impressed! But as my old A.A. sponsor once said to me...

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Brains Versus Brawn - Seven of Swords

The saying, 'You attract more with honey, than with vinegar ', comes to mind when I think about the Seven of Swords. It's brains vs brawn. The card urges us to apply our mental energy, which needs to be used in a cautious way. What I am talking about is not simply using our intellect, but using our emotional intelligence.  We can't get the desired end by taking the heavy handed approach. Bullying, using intimidation, or any kind of force will never result in a positive outcome.

This card makes me seriously reflect on the recent events in Canada, the discussion and media coverage that has been happening lately regarding abuse, the rampant violence against women, and against others in general. This discussion though  difficult, is a long overdue and necessary one. I am glad it is happening and I hope it continues to enable proactive change. The whole world could greatly benefit from emotional intelligence.

 I think this card can warn against this behaviour, that can become a continuum and a cycle of abuse, about power and control, in order to get what we want. It will never enable us to get what we want, and will leave nothing, but deep misery, a sense of hopelessness and loss.

Discretion, tact, diplomacy, and a willingness to make compromises is always the best approach when interacting with another, though it may not make one feel good. But this is what life requires and at it's foundation should always be kindness and an emotional generosity toward others, including and extending toward ourselves.

The Seven of Swords is not all dark, as the Moon is lighting the way urging us to use, and to trust our intuition.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nine of Cups - The Secret of The Wish Card

What do you wish for? I'd love to know. Do you believe in luck?

Wishes for me are more about luck, which I don't really believe in, in a superstitious way. When someone wishes me luck I often ask them, just to say a prayer, because I know that works. The answer may not always be what I want, but it is certainly always, the answer I need, and I can let go of trying to bargain or plead with the Creator to grant me my prayer. All you can do is ask, and we can't do anything to control the outcome. But it is important to ask.

It is however such a joyful and affirming thing of faith, when your prayer, regardless of how small is granted, as mine was today, and it was just as important to me as any prayer.

The prayer is not necessarily the what matters, because many times we can't find it within ourselves to pray, even though we have a desire to prayer. This in and of itself is enough, when we feel this way, because it is a prayer.

All the Creator requires of us is to be willing to be willing, and to have a desire to pray even if we can't find the words, are dry, and poor in spirit.

 “What I wear is pants. What I do is live. How I pray is breathe.”
― Thomas Merton, Thomas Merton: A Life in Letters: The Essential Collection

Monday, November 10, 2014

Seven of Cups - How Can I Connect With My Sacred Path?

I took a suggestion from Bridget at Biddy Tarot that I ask the Tarot  "How can I connect with my sacred path?" Now that's a good question! My sacred path is a creative one as an artist who makes art.

 Not sure why I was looking for some profound answer in an eye popping card, but I got my answer in the Seven of Cups. Upon first glance it wasn't what I was looking for, no magic sliver bullet in this card, however it was a message I needed to receive.

Through time, careful choice, and a commitment to hard work, the possibilities can be actualized, balanced with an acceptance of the limitations of reality, and not to build castles in the air, or being distracted by flights of fancy.

This is an accurate description for my present situation, and how I need to seriously approach my sacred path and apply myself to the work at hand. 

It might not have initially been the card I had hoped for, but it is exactly the card I needed, and to keep at the forefront of my mind.

I am not surprised I drew the Seven of Cups, and I am reminded we don't always get what we want, but what we get what we need.

Catherine Meyers's photo.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ace of Pentacles - Where To Find Pennies From Heaven

I am feeling very under the weather today, with a real achy, nose running, crappy cold, and I sure don't feel anything like Poseidon, the 'husband of the earth' which his name means. It's is a card that greatly makes me feel hopeful, especially when I am in monetary need.

The message is 'here come pennies from heaven', a very favourable sign, with an anticipated new career, sudden available funds, creative energy, and  growth opportunities, springing from a raw force of nature. Poseidon is a mover, and an Earth-Shake, ruling over the sea and all the water ways.

Well that's good news, because I feel so lack luster, not to mention like my late husband would describe, feeling like a piece of re-fried s_ _ _.

 So now, I get horizontal in my bed! Hoping to feel a whole lot better tomorrow!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Two of Pentacles - How Juggling Made Me Feel Balanced

 The Two of Pentacles is about juggling and keeping things balanced, without loosing site of other areas in your life. This requires learning to find ways to reduce your stress, learning how to relax, and to not take on more than you can handle. There is really nothing easy about this, but the more you practice, the easier it becomes, and it eventually gets to be a habit.

Many years ago, I went to study Mime, ( Commedia dellarte) where among other skills, I took up juggling.
It really became a discipline, a skill I could adapt to my life, as a reminder, to take one day one, one step at a time, and to breath. Juggling requires that you master one task time, before you move on to the next. You have to learn to breath, especially diaphragmatic breathing, which helps you to relax, which is necessary to directly effect your ability to concentrate.

Juggling helped me when I was feeling overwhelmed. It taught me to put first things first, and to break things down in order to lessen my stress, and it helped me to not take on too many things at once. The physical, and psychological benefits enabled me to gain control of my ability to relax, through my breathing, and I could concentrate on the task at had, and go from there, doing what I needed to do next.

Like all of the Twos of the Minor Arcana, our drive for material goals must be grounded and channeled, if we are to master the skills required to achieve our objectives via the flow of creative energy.
We must be flexible, and willing to do whatever is necessary to receive the reward for our efforts made.

Juggling is a truly portable workout.
It makes you smarter.
It sharpens focus & concentration.
Juggling is the ultimate in stress relief.
It’s an exercise that doesn’t ‘feel’ like exercise.
You can juggle where you are, no travel required!
Juggling maintains and increases range of motion in the arms and shoulders.
It is one of the best ways to improve coordination.
Juggling is beneficial for all age groups and body types.
Helps ward off cravings.
Juggling makes exercising with family and friends easy.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Four of Pentacles - How To Save Yourself From Yourself

Being anxious and consciously attached to material possessions and money, is not a good way to go. It is a continuum in that, the more you have, the more you want. On the other hand, poverty is no fun either, and can cause a similar preoccupation and anxiousness, because you can be constantly thinking and worrying about how you are going to make it til the end of the month, pay your bills or having to  swallow your false pride and humble yourself to ask for help in one way or another, which is difficult for most people. I admit I am guilty of worrying and getting stressed out about my lack of funds. My fear of financial insecurity can be very stressful at times.

The Ten of Pentacles came up yesterday, when I did a reading for a client and again today, in my daily draw the Four of Pentacles. It is often stated that money is the root of all evil,  but in my opinion, it is when people place so much importance on it, more so than on personal values, and a healthy sense of inner well being and serenity that is only drawn from inner resources. This is when the myriad of problems are mostly manifested.

 Perhaps it is our desire for, and addiction to perfection, that causes our preoccupation, and anxiousness. We feel we are not successful, and are always falling short, based on an image and not reality. We strive to fill that void within ourselves, that can only be filled spiritually within ourselves.

Addiction is addiction, regardless of what it is we are addicted to. The writers of The Spirituality of Imperfection address this in their book when  they write,

Addiction represents the ultimate effort to control, the definitive demand for magic...and the final failure of spirituality...the desperate (and doomed) attempt to fill a spiritual void with a material reality to make "magic" a substitute for a miracle. - Kurtz and Ketcham in The Spirituality of Imperfection (1992)

Addiction to material possessions and monetary success, makes me think of what Mother Teresa once said in regards to the East having material poverty, but is rich in spirituality, and the West, does not lack so much in rich  material wealth, but has great spiritual poverty. It is no different for individuals.

I believe this addiction to people, places and things, it is what is wrong with our world. Generousity, having gratitude for what we have, and actively showing  kindness, could alleviate so much suffering in the world.

In the Four of Pentacles Daedalus clutches his four coins and gives his nephew Talos a very angry stare. Daedalus is both threatened of being usurped by his young talented nephew and he is also very jealous of him, and this card is a symbolic warning against envy and avarice.

Daedalus lacks confidence in his abilities to compete, is overwhelmed with feelings of inadequacy due to not being able to let go of his control, and lacks emotional generousity. As a result of Daedalus remains materially and emotional stagnant, without the flow of creativity and energy.

    La Larona - Catherine Meyers

    Wednesday, November 5, 2014

    The Hierophant - How Faith Can Inspire You To Expect Miracles

    The Hierophant is both the teacher, healer, and the wise sage. He offers us a blessing, wisdom and healing. Educated by the Sun god Apollo, and Artemis the Moon god. Chiron is the King of the centaurs because of his great spiritual wisdom, and intuitive knowledge of the Creator's law.

    Although Chiron is The Wounded Healer due to his own accidental injury, that he bares eternally because he is immortal, this has enabled him to have great compassion, and understanding for the pain, and suffering of others.

    He teaches us to also have compassion  toward ourselves, and urges us to embrace both our humanity, and our divinity. This symbolic divinity is not about any particular religious system of belief, but  finding our own relationship with the God of our understanding, where we embark on our own philosophical and spiritual quest, as this life is not so much for the body, but for the soul.

    When I reflect on the meaning of this card, that I have drawn today, what comes to mind, is the reminder of the Hierophant's blessing, I can expect healing miracles of change in my life daily, and in the lives of others, if  have faith.

    Entering the world of the spirit or spiritual life, is not a theory, I have to live it. Having the goal of spiritual growth, means I'll never have spiritual perfection, but I can have spiritual progress, and living with an affirmative attitude, I can expect miracles.

    Tuesday, November 4, 2014

    A New Way To Think About Temperance

    Between 1979-1980 at the age of 26, I moved into the Women's Christian Temperance Union on Gerard and Young St., in downtown Toronto. Why the heck would I ever do that, most people would ask. The simple answer, I needed a place to live. It was one the best things I ever did for a myriad of reasons, which had everything to do with the way I thought about temperance, which were completely unknown to me at the time.

    Though I grew up in Toronto, and in parts of Ontario, I was now returning, after years of living in Nova Scotia from the age of 15 years. I was attending school, to study Mime, with a group of approximately 8 other students.  But that's a whole other story.

    When I entered the Women's Christian Temperance Union, I approached the woman at front desk. Once I got registered, she informed me, I would be sharing a room with another young women. She said, in her Philippine accent , " Oh Rosemary, she's a , how you say, a very very nice gurl. She doesn't smoke, doesn't drink. You goin' to just love her. She such a very very nice gurl. "

    When I got settled into my room Rosemary wasn't there, but arrived within the hour. She immediately asked me, " Do you smoke? " Yes, I answered. "Good!" she said. "Do you drink?", she then asked. I again said, yes. She again answered, " Good! " We're going to get along great!"she replied excitedly.

    If you asked what the word temperance meant to me back in the 80s. This would be it. You don't drink, you don't smoke or have per-marital sex. I was clueless. Today I am happy to know I have a new way to think about temperance. Temperance for me is so much more than not drinking or smoking  and all the so called rules that I was wanting to break.

    Temperance is all about having a balanced heart, mind, body, and spirit. It's about transfiguration, spiritual insight, rising above what ever negative situation you find yourself in, and about being a compassionate human being. These are some of the characteristics Temperance embodies.

    I choose to live a temperate life now, not because I have to, but because I want to, and because of my own personal recovery from alcoholism, and my 20 year road to recovery. It's not about just putting down the bottle, but living life on life's terms, one day at a time. This is what Temperance means to me.

    Tom Waits

    Monday, November 3, 2014

    The Secret of the Moon

    The Moon is prone to shaking fits. True story! No one knows why, however scientists speculate the moon has earthquakes and tremors that may be due to the tidal force of the earth. It is an understatement to say that the Moon greatly influences the earth.

    I have always had a strong connection to the moon and I often say I am 'in love ' with La Luna. Perhaps because according to my astrological chart my Moon is in Pisces and I certainly do relate to the element of water more so than and other.

    Some folks may feel when the full moon appears they themselves may feel ' prone to shaking fits '! It is true that our sleep can be affected and disturbed during the full moon. We humans after all are walking water bags, being made up mostly of water, so it really does make sense that the moon would influence our bodies. According to evolution we all came from the sea.

    There are many unknowns about the Moon, and today I found a really interesting history regarding it's symbolic meaning relating to the Tarot. Here's what I found out about the symbolism of the XVIII arcanum.
    The Moon is definitely a spiritual card and represents the spiritual journey, as the three faces represent Hecate’s power over heaven, earth and the underworld, ( the unconscious ).

    The Moon card is the eighteenth of the major arcana. In the Tarot of Marseille, from which most later decks originated, its symbolism appears at first glance rather peculiar:  a humanized image of the moon shines over a mountain with two towers, and two animals which resemble dogs seem to be howling above what appears to be a body of water with a crayfish in it. None of those symbols can be clearly associated to the familiar ones from the Jewish-Christian tradition prevalent in Europe at the time in which the Tarot first made their appearance. It has been suggested that the origin of the Tarot is not European, but there is no clear consensus of what tradition might have originated them and what circumstances might have brought them to Europe.

    As it is often the case in esoteric matters, the obscurity is readily dispelled and the meaning of the symbols easily reveals itself if one can find an appropriate key.
    In the case of the Moon arcanum, a key can be found in an unlikely place:  the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh. The Epic describes the symbolic journey of Gilgamesh to the City of the Gods.  Gilgamesh, devastated by the loss of his friend Enkidu, decides to make a spiritual pilgrimage to the place where the immortals dwell, and ask UtNaPishtim (the ancient fisherman Noah), the earliest human who managed to join the assembly of the Gods, to share with him the secret of eternal life.
    When Gilgamesh approaches mount Mashu, the sacred mountain of the Gods, he sees lions roaring on the mountain passes, and is terrified. He then invokes the moon god Sin, protector of travellers, to assist him in his journey, and at night dreams of fighting and prevailing against the lions. He finally reaches the foot of mount Mashu, which guards the rising and setting of the sun. The mountain has two peaks, which extend from the netherworld below all the way to the sky, and a long, dark tunnel leading to the City of the Gods, guarded by humanized scorpions. The scorpions, realizing that he is not only flesh, but in his spirit and soul also immortal in heaven, agree to let him through.

    It is easy to identify the elements of the narrative with the symbols contained in the Moon arcanum. The humanized moon is the god Sin, protector of travellers. The mountain is the sacred mount Mashu, which guards the rising and setting of the sun. The two towers are the twin peaks of the mountain, which connect heaven and earth.  The two dog-like creatures are lions on the mountain passes, roaring in their glory. Finally, what appears to be a crayfish in a dark pool of water is in fact a scorpion guarding the entrance of the tunnel which shall lead the supplicant to the City of the Gods.
    The image of a crab, scorpion or scarab (words which all share the same root krb) as custodian of immortality is common not only in Mesopotamian cultures, but also in the Egyptian and biblical tradition. In the Book of Genesis those humanized crabs are called cherubs, and guard the path to the tree of life.

    The lions are also a symbol common to most ancient cultures, and represent the bestial forces of human passions, which need to be overcome if the spiritual journey is to be successful.
    Likewise, the notion of a sacred mountain as the dwelling of the Gods is shared by most ancient traditions, and the pinnacles or towers can be variously identified with the matzevot, obelisks, menhirs or pillars which in many ancient cultures symbolically connected heaven and earth. 
    Finally, the moon is a symbol of spiritual journey and rebirth, associated in different traditions with Osiris, Dionysus, or Ba'al.
    The parallel with the biblical story of Jacob's dream is also worth noting. In Genesis 28:10-19, Jacob spends the night in the wilderness (where, Rashi adds,  he became afraid of the wild beasts). In his dream, he sees a ladder connecting heaven and earth, populated with angels. When he wakes up he says: "How dreadful [is] this place! this [is] none other but the house of God, and this [is] the gate of heaven." Before leaving the place, which he calls BethEl (House of God), he sets up a matzevah (pillar).

    Seal Skin Soul Skin - Catherine Meyers

    Saturday, November 1, 2014

    Seven of Cups - Your Will Vs The Creator's Will

    I relate very much to the Seven of Cups that I have drawn today, because yesterday I purchased a second hand car, leaving me financially busted, but this is the sacrifice I decided to make because this car is all legal, in good shape, drivable, reliable and I bought it from a local friend an older woman I trust implicitly and who took good care of it. The price was right, and being in remote Nova Scotia, and I can't be without a vehicle living in the boonies, especially with Winter coming on soon. I am all too familiar what it is like being without a car, having to hitch hike. So my decision I know, was the right one, though it has left me both broke and happy, but especially, very very relieved, after driving a car that shouldn't have been on the road.

    I've had more than my fill of junker cars over the years, and have acquired a few funny stories because of this situation, that didn't have a good outcome. Fortunately my purchase of this vehicle isn't one of them. Mind you, the car I recently stopped driving, doesn't owe me anything, but I will confess I have three traffic tickets, $176 dollars each, that I owe due to my bad decision to keep driving it over the past few months! There's nothing funny about that!

    Here in the Seven of Cups we see Psyche praying, and pleading to Aphrodite for help, that will enable her to make wise decisions regarding Eros. She makes the request to Aphrodite to help her win Eros back.  Psyche has many choice options, as represented by the seven golden cups, floating in mid air.
    Aphrodite answers by laying down the law, and confronts Psyche about how she expects her to fulfill certain required tasks before she grants her prayer request.

    We all are faced with particular challenges and need to make difficult decisions in order to obtain the things we want or need. Many times these decisions involve making sacrifices, and we have to seriously ask ourselves whether these are really worth it. We have to ask ourselves, is this something I really want or need or both, and what am I willing to do in order to get it? It's a test of our determination, perseverance, persistence, ability to discern right from wrong, and it is especially a testament of our faith. There is nothing easy about making these decisions, and it can feel like we are between that rock Psyche is kneeling on, and a hard place.

    When I reflect on this card I reminded, that it is essential that I turn my requests over to the God of my understanding and ask for guidance and discernment asking that I be enabled to follow the Creator's will first and foremost, over my own..

    I used to have a standard Sunfire a few years back the same year, but it was candy apple red. I blew the motor trying to drive myself out of my snow filled lane way in order to get to University. Boy was that a bad decision!

     I figured silver was a good colour for me, now I am officially a 'senior'. I prefer to call myself a crone or maybe even an 'elder'. I call  the colour of my new ride, Arctic Blonde rather than silver, to match my hair!

    My "new to me" ride